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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Sales and Business Development Manager, John Feeney, and Senior Precious Metals Project Analyst, Bron Suchecki, review the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Why Is Silver so Sluggish?

After such a sharp rally it only made sense for gold to consolidate somewhat, so we see a pullback to $1,405 this week with silver trading back to $15.25 per ounce. It has been a wild week at ABC Bull...

28 June 2019

​$2,000 Gold Achieved, What’s Next?

Patience is beginning to pay off for precious metals bulls, as gold has managed to break through a key resistance zone of the past few years. Once the level of $1,350-$1,360 was broken on Thursday it ...

21 June 2019

​Gold Marches Higher on Oil Tanker Attack

Gold marched higher as news filtered through of two oil tankers being attacked by torpedoes in the Sea of Oman. Gold rallied to USD$1,345 and silver to $14.95; with the AUD/USD back down to 0.690 US c...

14 June 2019

​In Gold We Trust

A huge week for precious metals this week with gold rallying back up through the USD$1,300 level to $1,333 with silver following to USD$14.88. We warned investors in last week’s update to keep a...

07 June 2019

​Westpac’s Call = $2,000 Gold

This week saw gold trading back above USD$1,290 and silver relatively unchanged at USD$14.50. After such a consolidation in price, it seems like gold has formed a base in USD terms, so keep an eye out...

31 May 2019

​Sell Stocks in May and Go Away

Gold drifted lower this week before catching a bid Thursday night on the back of US stock markets selling off. We remain at the USD$1,280 level as per last week, with silver trading not too far off mu...

24 May 2019

Down Under Under-Employed

Precious metals had an up and down week this week with gold in USD trading back above $1,300 ever so briefly, before consolidating just above $1,280 per ounce. Silver slightly lower at $14.50 per ounc...

17 May 2019

China Buys Gold as Trade Wars Escalate

Gold added $10 per ounce this week, rallying back above USD$1,280 and has managed to successfully hold above the trendline from September 2018. Silver is slightly higher than last week at USD$14.80. G...

10 May 2019

Drop Gold, Buy Bitcoin?

It was a rather boring week for the precious metals until Fed Chair Powell’s comments at a press conference were interpreted as meaning less of a chance the Fed would cut interest rates. It caus...

03 May 2019

Risk On/Off, Gold Off/On

The gold price was under pressure the first half of this week, falling from $1,279.88 to $1,266.42 with silver breaking below $15 to get as low as $14.75. The $6 “slam” overnight Tuesday n...

26 April 2019