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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Sales and Business Development Manager, John Feeney, and Senior Precious Metals Project Analyst, Bron Suchecki, review the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Volatility is the New Normal

The metals recovered this week with equity market volatility sending gold to $1,670 and silver $17.45. The Aussie dollar’s recovery cut into local price gains but gold was still up from recent l...

06 March 2020

Markets Awaken: US Stocks Crash 11%

The US stock market finally woke up to coronavirus risk with the S&P 500 crashing 11.60% in less than a week, and gold jumping to highs of $1,687. Silver fell back this week to $17.80 given 18% of...

28 February 2020

World in a Silent Depression

Gold broke above the crucial $1,586 level this week, trading above $1,620;  silver moved above $18 into a resistance zone between $18.40 and $18.50. The Australian dollar busting down past 0.66 p...

21 February 2020

Corona Cramps China Supply Chains

US gold rallied to $1,577 and silver fell back to $17.66 this week. The AUD/USD was on struggle street last week, hitting an 11 year low and pushing AUD gold higher to $2,346.

This week, ...

14 February 2020

US Stocks Go Parabolic

The metals eased as markets accepted the official coronavirus numbers, with gold lower to $1,565 and silver to $17.80. A RBA rates hold pushed the AUD higher to 0.673 and the local gold price down to ...

07 February 2020

Worrying Trend for Aussie Retail

Gold continued higher on coronavirus concerns to $1,577 with silver reaching $17.90 while also sending the AUD/USD lower to 0.671c - resulting in an all-time high AUD gold price of $2,362 (silver $27....

31 January 2020

Davos: Green Swans and Inequality

A slow and steady week for the metals with gold tracking sideways to USD$1,560, silver falling back to $17.80 and platinum pulling back to $1,000. Australian prices also steady at $2,280 and $26.05.

24 January 2020

5 New Year Investment Resolutions

After an earlier sell-off, gold recovered back above $1,550 with silver trading just under $18. An Aussie dollar close to 0.69c gives gold and silver some stability around $2,250 and $26 respectively....

17 January 2020

Gold Spikes on Iran/US Escalation

Over the holidays, the metals broke out and Iran/US tensions put a rocket under that. Gold is holding above the crucial $1,550 level with silver getting dragged along to just under $18. Aussie gold re...

10 January 2020

2019 in Review

With the end of 2019 quickly approaching in this last update for the year we look back at 2019 for the events that caught our eye across the precious metals, financial markets and geopolitics....

20 December 2019