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The Growing Trend of Chinese Corporate Defaults

Precious metals eased lower this week with gold retreating to USD$1,313 on the back of a stronger US GDP print, and silver dropped to USD$15.60 per ounce. Palladium looks like it may have potentially ...

01 March 2019

​Gold Hits All Time High of $1,880

The rally continued this week with gold breaking out north of USD$1,320 and quickly running to a high of $1,346 per ounce, before retreating back to $1,327 currently. Silver followed and reached highs...

22 February 2019

Australia’s House of Cards

Gold had a relatively uneventful week this week, pulling back slightly to USD$1,312 as did silver to $15.62 per ounce. After a terrible performance last week, the AUD/USD recovered some ground to clim...

15 February 2019

​Why Do Central Banks Buy Gold?

Gold pulled back slightly this week to USD$1,314 with silver dipping back below USD$16.00 per ounce to USD$15.71. In local currency terms, we can see the AUD/USD tumbling over 2.3% this week to U...

08 February 2019

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Gold in USD terms has managed to crack through the $1,300 resistance level this week, trading at USD$1,320, with silver rallying up through USD$16.00 per ounce at time of writing.
This week saw ...

01 February 2019

Overbought Equities and Record Inequality

Gold was relatively flat this week after failing to break through the key US$1,300 level mentioned in last week’s commentary. We currently trade at US$1,283 per ounce and silver dropped back dow...

25 January 2019

All Eyes On $1,300

Waiting and watching in anticipation to see if gold is able to crack through near term resistance at the $1,300 level. We are currently trading around USD$1,292 and silver $15.50 per ounce. With the A...

18 January 2019

​2019 Starts With a Bang!

Volatility in financial markets continued in December, leading to some pretty amazing moves in forex, equities and precious metals during the break. After recent consolidation short-term, gold in USD ...

11 January 2019

The Charts that Defined Financial Markets in 2018

With the end of 2018 quickly approaching, this will be our last market update for the year. So something a little different, we will take a look back on 2018 with some of the more interesting charts i...

21 December 2018

Silver’s Time to Shine

After a sharp rally Friday night, gold continued to edge higher this week before encountering some resistance at the USD$1,250 level.  Overall, short-term trend appears positive and we are curren...

14 December 2018