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Australian Housing: Crash Risks Building!

Whilst the government is making noises about encouraging the banks to lend more freely, and surveys of Australians suggest they think it's the best time in three years to buy a house, the market i...

15 November 2018

Oil Bulls Ravaged as Crude Sinks!

It’s been a savage few months for oil bulls, with the price of West Texas Crude (WTI) falling from approximately USD $76 per barrel to USD $56 per barrel in barely a month. That's a fall of ...

15 November 2018

Bitcoin Forks and Crypto Carnage

If you think it’s been a tough week for equity markets and commodity bulls, spare a thought for those with their money in cryptocurrencies....

15 November 2018

Buying Opportunity as Gold Slips Below AUD $1,700 per Ounce!

Precious metal prices for local investors have eased this week, as a bounce in the value of the Australian dollar helped pushed gold down toward AUD $1,686oz, whilst silver is at AUD $20.04oz. Prices ...

09 November 2018

AUD Rallies as Bitcoin turns Ten!

Precious metal prices have recovered from their correction earlier in the week, with gold currently sitting at USD $1,234oz, whilst silver last traded at USD $14.84oz. The moves cap what has been a gr...

02 November 2018

This is Why You Own Gold!

Precious metal prices have held their ground this week as global stock markets continued to crater. Gold is currently sitting at USD $1,233oz whilst silver is at USD $14.74oz, both largely uncharged o...

26 October 2018

Gold Consolidates as Markets Continue to Wobble

Precious metal prices have consolidated last week’s strong gains, with gold currently trading at USD $1,225oz, whilst silver is sitting at USD $14.55oz. In Australian dollar terms, gold and silv...

19 October 2018

Gold Flies as Markets Crash!

Gold prices soared overnight, with the price of the yellow metal last trading at USD $1224oz, whilst silver is now sitting at USD $14.66oz, with the yellow metal now on track to close up for the week,...

12 October 2018

How Low Can The AUD Go?

Gold continues to battle the USD $1,200 level this week and we saw Silver catch a bid and hold the US$14.00 level comfortably. Eyes are on the Australian Dollar as it fell through key support this wee...

05 October 2018

The Warning Signs Keep Building

Until last nights price action, gold and silver had remained largely stuck within its recent trading range, and on track to a record a flat monthly return for September. However, after a sharp fall ov...

28 September 2018