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Market Updates

Keep up-to-date in the past week’s price action and the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Gold versus government debt

After a slow news week last week, we’ve got lots of market titbits to cover today.
The markets have been chewing over what the Federal Reserve Bank did or didn’t say…
The US doll...

31 July 2021

Aussie dollar falls give gold a free ride​

>What do we want: A gold rally! 
When do we want it: Now! 
If you’re based in Australia, we are getting a rally in gold. It just happens to be a gold rally denominated ...

23 July 2021

Two steps forward one step back: The worst is over for gold

On Monday, the US dollar price of gold eked above US$1,800. Last Friday’s end of week rebound held…and persisted throughout this week. Gold’s up, platinum’s up and even silver...

16 July 2021

The battle of the taper talks​

We’re two weeks on from the Federal Reserve Bank’s meeting that sparked the ‘taper talk’....

12 July 2021

Is gold about to run with the bulls

The question most people want an answer to this week is: what is the direction of gold, up or down? Are we strapping in for bigger falls, or is it time to get excited about a new rally?

02 July 2021

Gold price fall a gift from the market

The rumblings began a few weeks ago. Basel III changes are soon to be implemented. People wanted to know, what do they mean for gold?  

Rather than list...

25 June 2021

Why gold made this unexpected move

Well, that’s one way to get everyone talking.
What was meant to be another routine Federal Open Committee Meeting (FOMC) for the month…ended up giving the market the jitters.

18 June 2021

Good deeds and their unintended consequences​

As the week draws to a close, we look back on the things we learned. 

One of those, is that the Aussie stock market doesn’t care if Melbournians are trapped in their homes...

11 June 2021

Expert says gold’s run is just getting started

Settle in folks, we have some ground to cover today.
In fact, think of this edition as a choose-your-own-market-update-adventure.
There’s an interview with a legendary commodities investo...

04 June 2021

Has China smothered the ‘reflation’ trade?

What a week.

Gold rallies and another Australian city goes into lockdown. Again.

I’ve woken up twice to see the price of gold has danced with US$1,900 (AU$2,450). That...

29 May 2021