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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Sales and Business Development Manager, John Feeney, and Senior Precious Metals Project Analyst, Bron Suchecki, review the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Gold’s Mammoth Financial Year Return

Gold posted a massive 28.5% return for the 2019/2020 financial year, with silver a more than respectable 20.1%, but its 45 year compounded per annum return is also impressive....

03 July 2020

The Great Central Bank Bubble of 2020

‎It is now time to leave the stock market party before the bubble blows. Yield breakdown is driving gold says Nick Frappell and professor shows that gold worked to reduce portfolio risk ...

26 June 2020

Markets in La La Land

Equity prices are insanely disconnected from their underlying fundamentals and in “La la land” according to Crescat Capital. Jeremy Grantham agrees saying that he is increasingly confident...

19 June 2020

In Case of Financial Emergency…

Digital Finance Analytics estimates that the percentage of households in mortgage stress reached 37.5%, or 1.42 million households. 

Gold recovered this week but looking back a ...

12 June 2020

How High will the AUD Fly?

Nick Frappell talks about what the EFP is and discusses how it is priced, who trades it and its impact on gold prices in ABC Bullion’s 360 Monthly Review.

Gold co...

05 June 2020

​A Golden Decade

Is surging private indebtedness creating a society of debt serfs and feudal creditor lords? We explore this question and more in this week’s review of Incrementum’s In Gold We Trust report...

29 May 2020

Gold Confiscation – Feasible or Fantasy?

This week, Crispin Odey got a lot of headline coverage, when he said that gold ownership could become illegal if inflation spikes.

AUD strengthened this week to 65.6 US cents, s...

22 May 2020

Half the Aussie Workforce on Government Support

Officially unemployment only rose slight to 6.2% but we say realistically over 50% of the workforce is on government support.

We also look at trade tensions between China and Australia an...

15 May 2020

Wealth Destruction on a Catastrophic Scale

This week Harvard University professor Ken Rogoff called for deeply negative US interest rates; the market agrees with traders betting on negative US rates by early 2021. Freelance CEO said 74% of Aus...

08 May 2020

Inflation Bomb Set to Blow

JP Morgan says US money printing may ignite an inflation bomb. This week we also look at China's call for a new super-sovereign currency to counter the US dollar and why Scotiabank closed its bull...

01 May 2020