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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Global General Manager, Nicholas Frappell reviews the past week’s price action and discusses the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Reddit Users Show Their Influence in Silver Market

Gold is in reactive mode with a sharp rise in market volatility. The VIX, the stock market’s volatility index, jumped to 37.20 pct on Wednesday, the highest level since last October. Gold is see...

29 January 2021

A New Bullish Era under Biden Administration

Gold had a volatile and dramatic week but ended on a high up 1.6% while Silver made a sharp decline but has rallied up and away. With confidence of a fresh new start for America under new leadership c...

22 January 2021

Bright Outlook on Gold and Silver Price

Gold has found support in the Daily Ichimoku cloud – whilst occasionally threatening to push lower, the price has recovered to within the trading band between US$1829-1861....

18 January 2021

Gold Does What Gold Should

What a year for precious metals it's been! Whilst we wrap up the year, our online trading platform continues to stay open 24/7 - with our team working full steam ahead to service our investor...

24 December 2020

Gold and Silver Sentiment to Rise Sharply in the Coming Months

Gold continues its strong recovery, but hit the resistance discussed in last week’s commentary (…Resistance in gold sho...

18 December 2020

Gold Correction Coming to an End

Gold recovered strongly on the 50 % retracement at US$1763 mentioned last week.  The rally stopped just above the 61.80 % Fibonacci retracement of the move from the November high to the Novem...

11 December 2020

Gold Continues to Tumble As Vaccine Optimism Hits New Highs

Vaccine optimism is the central driver of this movement. GDP growth anticipates a successful roll-out of the vaccine in H1 of 2020....

04 December 2020

Gold Tests Positive for Vaccine Euphoria

With Covid-19 raging out of control in the US and the treasury’s decision of terminating 455 billion US$ funding, slower growth in H1 and risks of potential fiscal cliff faced by world’s l...

27 November 2020

Feeding and Breeding Zombies

The US Fed’s easy credit is feeding the Zombies and breeding more of them, perverting entrepreneurs and overvaluing stocks, setting a trap for investors....

20 November 2020

Central Banks To Buy Gold

Gold gets hit with COVID vaccine but investors come in to buy the dip....

13 November 2020