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Key Market Statistics

This page contains historical returns for gold and silver, in a variety of currencies including USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, YEN, as well as Chinese Yuan and Indian Rupee. As you can see, the last 15 years have seen strong returns for gold and silver, irrespective of which currency people are investing in.

Silver has also done very well, up between 5.7% and 9.8% per annum since the turn of the century, depending which currency you are looking at. This can be seen in the table below. 

Best Performing Asset Class

Indeed for Australian investors, physical precious metals have outperformed most other investments, which you can see in the chart below, which shows the return on gold since December 1999, compared to other assets like the share market, bonds and cash. 


With interest rates at record lows, bond prices at record highs and equity markets uncertain, there is the potential for physical gold and silver to continue to outperform most financial assets in the coming years. Most importantly, considering their long held status as the ultimate forms of wealth protection, physical gold and silver will continue to diversify any investor’s portfolio, bringing (both) balance and security.


Want to Know More?

 If you are keen to learn more about investing in precious metals: