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Key Market Statistics

Below is a table comparing the returns of gold, silver and platinum to common Australian asset classes.

Returns of Gold Silver Platinum and Other Assets

Gold has favourable returns across various investing periods. Combined with its uncorrelated nature, gold makes for a good addition to an investor’s portfolio.

Silver and platinum have a more mixed performance, which is due to the greater share that industrial demand plays in determining their prices – gold by contrast is far more “monetary” in nature with only 10% of its demand driven by industrial use.

Below are year-by-year historical returns for gold, silver and platinum in Australian dollars. As you can see, the last 20 years have seen strong returns for gold and silver.

Year by Year Historical Returns for Gold Silver and Platinum

Note that silver’s returns generally follow gold, but are often much larger both positive and negative. Allocating your precious metal investment dollars across gold and silver can improve returns as long as you rebalance back to your chosen proportions on a regular basis.

Platinum is a much smaller market than gold and silver and has higher volatility, so many investors prefer to treat it as a more short-term speculative asset.

With interest rates at record lows, bond prices at record highs and equity markets uncertain, there is the potential for physical gold and silver to continue to outperform most financial assets in the coming years.

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