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ABC Bullion

Bullion storage

Pool Allocated Product storage

ABC Pool Allocated Product is the perfect choice for new precious metal investors and regular traders.

Rather than buying a specific physical bar, investors buy a ‘share’ in a pool of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, managed by ABC Bullion and backed by externally audited metal positions held by ABC Bullion and its related bodies corporate.

Pool Allocated has no storage fees, and investors can withdraw metal at any time by turning their pool holding into a coin or bar, and paying a small barring premium.

Secure Product storage

With Secure Product storage, the bar/s you purchase are held in storage with ABC Bullion, alongside with other products in storage.

Available for all standard bullion products (all ABC and PAMP products, Royal Canadian Mint Coins and Perth Mint Gold Coins). We do not store Perth Mint Silver Coins as they are mostly limited mintages.

If you withdraw your bars, you may not get the very same product/s you placed into storage, but you will receive exactly the same size, brand and type of bullion product.

We require 10 business days notice to retrieve your bullion from storage.

Premium Product storage

Available for certain products that are stamped with a unique bar identity number and therefore can be allocated specifically to you.

If you withdraw the bar/s you will get back the exact same bar you placed into storage.

The products that we premium store are:

  • 1kg ABC Bullion Gold Cast Bar

We require 10 business days notice to retrieve your bullion from storage.

Safety Deposit Box storage

You can store your bullion or any other valuables in your own safety box by leasing a safety deposit box from ABC Bullion’s sister company Custodian Vaults, located at 74 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Custodian Vaults is a purpose-built facility featuring cutting edge technology and 24 hour security monitoring.

To secure your safety deposit box with Custodian Vaults please call (02) 9011 7355 or book a tour.

ABC Bullion Storage Fees

Charged as a percentage of the value of your total holdings. This yearly percentage is charged quarterly (every three months) to spread out the cost over the year. Charges are applied to your account automatically. Quarterly, audit-ready, storage statements give you the current value of your account.

SECURE   1.5%  0.75% 0.75%   0.75%
 PREMIUM  1.8%  0.95% 0.95%   0.95%
VOLUME BREAK   +100kg: 1% +20kg: 0.75% +20kg: 0.75%   +20kg: 0.75%

How our storage fees are calculated

If you choose to store your metal with ABC Bullion, our storage & insurance fees are calculated as a percentage (%) of the total value of your precious metal holdings with us based on the prevailing spot price. Your storage charges will be applied quarterly (i.e. every 3 months), in arrears, so that you can spread the cost out over the course of the calendar year. The fees are charged to your account on the last day of the quarterly cycle.

Save with our Volume Discounts

If you hold over 20kg in gold, platinum or palladium or over 100kg in silver with ABC Bullion, you are eligible for significant discounts on the storage fees.  If you have multiple accounts with us, we will automatically combine your holdings across every account you are an operating authority on to ensure bigger discounts.