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Market Updates

Keep up-to-date in the past week’s price action and the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Gold breaks through past resistance

Gold broke above the past barrier of US$1,830s, touching the low US$1,840s overnight, pushed higher by three key factors, real rates, risk off mode and increasing geopolitical tensions… &n...

21 January 2022

Will 2022 be good for gold?

Santa brings a gold rally: Gold popped overnight, up 0.26% to US$1,804 at the time of writing....

23 December 2021

Fed sets out a plan and gold agrees

Gold’s leapt higher overnight in a surprising move. Some media outlets initially attributed gold’s rally to the Bank of England increasing rates (more below) however what the UK’s ce...

17 December 2021

Australians, your moment to buy gold is here!

Gold is clearly consolidating, after the November plunge it’s now hugging previous support. This is a positive sign. ...

10 December 2021

Gold consolidates as Fed admits they’re wrong

The Federal Reserve Bank drops ‘transitory’ from their language, pushing gold down. Though the yellow metal appears to be consolidating and looking for support. This week we discover that ...

03 December 2021

Gold Down but not out

After last week’s rally extending all the way up to an intraday high of US$1,877 last week, gold has pivoted at high speed and went straight back to familiar support at US$1,790s, down 3.13% for...

26 November 2021

Did big money just bet on gold?

Gold pauses this week after last week’s rally. While the yellow metal did give the US$1,870 price level a nudge on Wednesday, it’s dipped back to US$1,859 at the time of writing, leaving u...

19 November 2021

Patient gold bulls are rewarded this week

The world’s favourite precious metal did what it does best this week, rewarding patient investors with an incredible rally on the back of critical economic data. This news lifted precious metals...

12 November 2021

Fed tapers but gold stays firm

The Australian dollar did a sharp U-turn during the week, falling from 75 US cents to 73.88 US cents at the time of writing. This 1.5% drop lifted the Australian gold price above AU$2,400 this week, t...

05 November 2021

Time for gold to pop

Gold’s trading range continues to n...

22 October 2021

Inflation runs hot and bids up gold​

Gold has broken higher and meets some pas resistance.
A strong move up this week. Perhaps it's time for some cautious optimism......

15 October 2021