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Silver’s Time to Shine

After a sharp rally Friday night, gold continued to edge higher this week before encountering some resistance at the USD$1,250 level.  Overall, short-term trend appears positive and we are curren...

14 December 2018

Markets Crash as Treasury Yields Invert

Gold staged a breakout this week as panic struck equity markets on Tuesday night. Gold jumped to USD $1,238 and silver hit USD$14.50. In local currency terms, the rally in precious metals combined wit...

07 December 2018

Why 2019 Could Get Very Interesting

Gold held a relatively tight trading range this week as we currently trade slightly lower at USD $1,221 per ounce, with silver sitting around USD $14.30 per ounce at time of writing.
Not a very ...

30 November 2018

Gold’s Getting Trendy

Precious metals tiptoed higher this week, despite USD strength remaining. Gold in USD held the all-important psychological $1,200 handle successfully and has climbed to USD $1,228 at time of writing. ...

23 November 2018

Where to Next for Gold?

It’s been another volatile week for precious metal prices, with gold at one point falling below USD $1,200oz, before rallying to current levels around USD $1,215oz. Silver has also been affected...

16 November 2018

Silver is Cheap!

Last trading just above USD $14oz and below AUD $20oz, it’s been a tough few weeks for silver, which is now down almost USD $1oz, or 5% since the start of November. The decline in silver has hel...

15 November 2018

Bank of Japan Assets Exceed Japanese GDP

Whilst Japanese economic output has grown over the last five or six years, it’s been very slow going, unlike the assets on the BOJ balance sheet, which have exploded since 2011, as the nation&rs...

15 November 2018

US Deficit Hits $100 Billion in October

President Trump’s tax cuts and fiscal stimulus were always going to provide a sugar hit for the economy, with higher levels of growth than would otherwise have been seen.
The downside to t...

15 November 2018

Australian Housing: Crash Risks Building!

Whilst the government is making noises about encouraging the banks to lend more freely, and surveys of Australians suggest they think it's the best time in three years to buy a house, the market i...

15 November 2018

Oil Bulls Ravaged as Crude Sinks!

It’s been a savage few months for oil bulls, with the price of West Texas Crude (WTI) falling from approximately USD $76 per barrel to USD $56 per barrel in barely a month. That's a fall of ...

15 November 2018

Bitcoin Forks and Crypto Carnage

If you think it’s been a tough week for equity markets and commodity bulls, spare a thought for those with their money in cryptocurrencies....

15 November 2018