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Market Updates

Keep up-to-date in the past week’s price action and the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Inflation runs hot and bids up gold​

Gold has broken higher and meets some pas resistance.
A strong move up this week. Perhaps it's time for some cautious optimism......

15 October 2021

Gold hugs key price level

Another week of minimal price action. Gold continues to hug the key price level of US$1,750. The yellow metal appears reluctant to budge until the markets receive the US Nonfarm payroll data. The gold...

08 October 2021

Gold finds support – can it hold?

We’re looking at our third rough week for the spot gold price. The US dollar continues to strengthen. The hawkish tone coming from the Federal Reserve Bank is snuffing out any gold rally...

01 October 2021

Three reasons gold could rise

Fed lays out tapering schedule, All isn’t lost bulls,Outliers that may spark a gold rally, Gold versus the global money supply,...

24 September 2021

Demand for precious metals will triple says expert

The yellow metal continues to demonstrate its sensitivity to the US economy, rather than emerging problems in the financial system. Gold’s dip o...

17 September 2021

The Precious Metal Outperforming Gold and Silver

Gold giveth then taketh away. The yellow metal was buoyant on the back of Jackson Hole. Not long after we hit the publish button, gold got its second wind from disappointing US jobs data for the month...

10 September 2021

Gold Price Heading Up

Jackson Hole was anticlimactic. Comments from Federal Reserve Bank chairman, Herome Powell were unexpectedly dovish....

03 September 2021

Gold at the mercy of Fed

The gold market is paused this week awaiting news from the Federal Reserve Bank meeting at Jackson Hole this month.   

No news is expected until early Satu...

27 August 2021

Gold Recovers: Where to Next?

Gold remains resilient. The flash crash didn’t drive gold below the key support level of US$1,680, which means this likely the floor for this price cycle. The near 8% fall of two weeks ago is a ...

20 August 2021

Gold dips as the bulls take a breath

Gold dropped but the long term fundamentals hold. US NonFarm numbers were significantly higher than expected. Good US domestic data does not mitigate broader global concerns. ...

13 August 2021