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Gold and Bitcoin Pop as Inflation Beast Stirs!

Precious metal prices have rallied this week, with both gold and silver up by close to 3% in USD terms, trading at USD $1354oz (gold), and USD $16.96oz (silver). In local currency terms, the yellow me...

16 February 2018

Precious Metals News Update - 15 February 2018

Hello everyone.
Since the last missive a week ago, extremely choppy ‘rinse and spin’ price action has been seen across the precious metals complex (particularly gold), a...

15 February 2018

South African Politics and Platinum and Palladium Prices

To bastardise Hemingway, Jacob Zuma’s political demise appears to have come about “slowly, then all at once”. Years of the ANC governing as the party of liberation, and then the part...

09 February 2018

Gold Stable as Markets Crumble!

Precious metal prices have held their ground this week, with the price of gold in AUD again challenging $1700oz, whilst silver in AUD is trading above $21oz.

Australian investors in the m...

09 February 2018

Precious Metals News Update - 8 February 2018

Hello everyone.
Precious metals remained under the cosh on Wednesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average recouped 1,500 of the (approximately) 2,200 points it had shed since last Fr...

08 February 2018

Precious Metals News Update - 7 February 2018

Hello everyone.
“Ladders and snakes. Ladders give, snakes take.”
The ongoing carnage in US equity markets (and associated volatility indexes like the ...

07 February 2018

S&P 500 down more than 4% overnight

​U.S. stocks plunged the most in 6 1/2 years, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sinking more than 1,100 points, and the S&P 500 down more than 4% overnight, amid rising concern that inflatio...

06 February 2018

Precious Metals News Update - 6 February 2018

Hello everyone.
Violent moves were seen across the gamut of financial markets spanning stocks, interest rates, currencies and commodities, as the week commenced.

06 February 2018

Bitcoin Breaks as Sovereign Wealth Funds go for Gold

Gold and silver had a steady end to January 2018, closing out the month with an increase of 4% (gold) and 2% (silver) in USD terms. For local investors, returns were constrained, owing to a rally in t...

02 February 2018