Market Update: Final Thoughts for 2016!

Despite the price weakness and rapidly declining sentiment toward precious metals in the aftermath of the US presidential election, it is worth reflecting on the fact that as it stands today, 2016 has...

09 December 2016

Market Update: Gold: Is the Bull Market Already Dead?

Up until a few weeks ago, 2016 was shaping up as the year that the precious metal market well and truly moved back into bull mode, with strong price gains that easily exceeded the returns generated in...

30 November 2016

Gold and the US Election Result

Gold: Right but so Wrong!
In the week leading into the election (before the FBI released there “nothing to see here” comments regarding Secretary Clint...

14 November 2016

Gold Trumping Stocks!

In our market update last week, we noted that longer term investors should look at a gold price close to AUD $1650oz as a gift, and one that they may wish to take advantage of sooner rather than later...

04 November 2016

Gold Correction! Buying Opportunity?

In a bull market, you should either be long, or sitting on the sidelines waiting to get long. It’s a simple message, but one that a senior trader at ABC Bullion is fond of repeating right now, a...

27 October 2016

Gold, OMFIF, the Fed, BoJ and Bond Markets!

Precious metal prices rallied last week, with the price of gold climbing back toward USD $1,340 per troy ounce (oz), whilst silver prices rallied toward the USD $20oz level at one point, before giving...

28 September 2016

Can Gold Play a Role in an SMSF?

Physical gold has been one of the best performing assets this year, up some 20%, with the price currently sitting just below AUD $1,750 per troy ounce. This continues a strong run that dates back to t...

19 September 2016

Thoughts Post-Jackson Hole

With the central banking symposium at Jackson Hole coming to an end, Livewire, one of Australia's leading financial news platforms, was kind enough to ask us, as well as analysts fro...

30 August 2016

Market Update: Anniversaries, Smart Money, Regulation and Banning Cash: It’s all about Trust!

It’s been a relatively uneventful month for precious metals so far, with the price of gold in USD up slightly, currently trading at USD $1,352 per troy ounce, whilst silver has eased somewhat.

19 August 2016

Grossly Unintelligent

Too much bullishness is never a good thing! For precious metals bulls, it is worth keeping that in mind, with the metal trading near AUD $1800 an ounce this week, up circa $350 in 2016 already.

05 August 2016

Gold for Australian Investors - Market Update 29th July

On Tuesday night, ABC Bullion hosted a sold out seminar; “The New Bull Market in Precious Metals”, in front of over 600 existing and new clients, as well as an assorted mix of finance prof...

29 July 2016