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Gold Hits 2019 Bottom - What’s Up?

Gold failed to hold the recent support level of USD$1,280 this week so we saw some selling purely on the back of the technical setup, as news was fairly absent this week. Stop losses aplenty would hav...

18 April 2019

​Is the Lucky Country out of Luck?

Gold continued to dance around the USD$1,300 per ounce mark, before trading lower to the exact price of this time last week ($1,292 per ounce). Silver trades just below $15 per ounce at time of writin...

12 April 2019

Fairy Tale Budget

Precious metals stabilised this week in USD after the sharp decline last Thursday night that would have triggered cascading stop losses, as gold failed to hold above $1,300. Gold is trading at USD$1,2...

05 April 2019

Palladium Price Plunge

After reaching for $1,325 this week on the back of the FOMC meeting, gold weakened during the week and then broke through $1,300 on the back of a stronger US dollar following positive US jobless claim...

29 March 2019

​‘Trade of the Century’

The battle for US$1,300 continued this week with the bulls taking the win for now – gold traded higher at $1,309 per ounce and silver was up slightly to USD$15.14. Fed chair Powell’s dovis...

22 March 2019

Merger Mania and Free Money

After a week of consolidation, gold showed some strength this week moving up from the USD$1,280s and trading above the “13” handle briefly before encountering resistance right on the 20 da...

15 March 2019

​Conflicting Views on the Australian Economy

After dropping more than USD$20 during US hours on Friday, gold has moved sideways this week between USD$1,280 and USD$1,290, with silver falling back to just above USD$15 per ounce. Commentators attr...

08 March 2019

The Growing Trend of Chinese Corporate Defaults

Precious metals eased lower this week with gold retreating to USD$1,313 on the back of a stronger US GDP print, and silver dropped to USD$15.60 per ounce. Palladium looks like it may have potentially ...

01 March 2019

​Gold Hits All Time High of $1,880

The rally continued this week with gold breaking out north of USD$1,320 and quickly running to a high of $1,346 per ounce, before retreating back to $1,327 currently. Silver followed and reached highs...

22 February 2019

Australia’s House of Cards

Gold had a relatively uneventful week this week, pulling back slightly to USD$1,312 as did silver to $15.62 per ounce. After a terrible performance last week, the AUD/USD recovered some ground to clim...

15 February 2019

​Why Do Central Banks Buy Gold?

Gold pulled back slightly this week to USD$1,314 with silver dipping back below USD$16.00 per ounce to USD$15.71. In local currency terms, we can see the AUD/USD tumbling over 2.3% this week to U...

08 February 2019