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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Sales and Business Development Manager, John Feeney, and Senior Precious Metals Project Analyst, Bron Suchecki, review the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Aussie Banks Being Ghosted

Aussie banks are being ghosted by deferred loan borrowers - maybe a debt jubilee is required? Dumb money continues to pile in as smart money gets out. The hypocrisy of not adjusting the cash transacti...

18 September 2020

Gold’s Supercycle Tailwind

With the tailwind of an inflation driven commodity supercycle and the possibility of simultaneous Western and Eastern demand, gold could experience a rare price boost in the coming decade....

11 September 2020

Risk Off, Gold On

Gold & silver remained range bound this week but not so for shares, which appear to be peaking in stupidity reminiscent of the crypto bubble in 2017-2018. With the All Ords sideways in ounces of g...

04 September 2020

The How and Why of Gold and Silver

Precious metals spike and dump on Jackson Hole speech and we look at the how and why of gold and silver investing.

28 August 2020

Buffett Buys Barrick

Gold failed to hold above US$2,000 but found support above $1,900 and is trading just above the previous all-time high in 2011....

21 August 2020

We Are All Gold Bugs Now

We Are All Gold Bugs Now says Morgan Stanley, worried about inflation. While gold and silver were volatile on profit taking the broader long-term fundamentals remain unchanged and we are confident the...

14 August 2020

Precious Metals Power Move

Another amazing week with gold pushing strongly through $2,000 and silver reaching just shy of $30. Over only 16 trading days the move in gold, as shown in the chart below, is an impressive 14.3%...

07 August 2020

Gold - The Only Real Vote You Have

Gold stopped short of hitting $2,000 but with a permanent change to mainstream market attitudes towards precious metals any decent dips in the price will likely be bought....

31 July 2020

Silver Shines, Gold Gains

We focus on silver this week given its massive 17% gain. We expect the market to take a breather back to the mid $21s but in the long-term silver is clearly in a new bull market. We also look at how g...

24 July 2020

Mother of All Melt Ups

The markets are a very dangerous place for savers says Russell Napier with financial repression, US Federal Reserve turning on the liquidity taps and retail rookies running rampant....

17 July 2020

Gold in a Positive Feedback FOMO Loop

A significant week for gold as it broke through the round number $1,800 level, a figure it last saw in 2011, on the back of concerns about a second COVID wave in the US....

10 July 2020