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Market Updates

Keep up-to-date in the past week’s price action and the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Expert says gold’s run is just getting started

Settle in folks, we have some ground to cover today.
In fact, think of this edition as a choose-your-own-market-update-adventure.
There’s an interview with a

Has China smothered the ‘reflation’ trade?

What a week.

Gold rallies and another Australian city goes into lockdown. Again.

I’ve woken up twice to see the price of gold has danced with US$1,900 (AU$2,450). That...

29 May 2021

A classic long term investment


What’s the better long term investment?

Over the weekend – after the morning coffee but before the household chores – I picked up my phone to delay my responsibiliti...

21 May 2021

What the market is trying to tell you…

It didn’t matter which paper I opened this week. Digital or a good old fashioned hard copy. There were two topics hogging all the ink: the Australian budget and inflation.

Budget nigh...

14 May 2021

Peak silver or just hype?

Today we pick up where we left off last week. Let’s finish our deep dive into silver. 


07 May 2021

But…what about silver?

Well, well, well, it’s nice to see so many of you again!

And I’ll admit, it’s nice to be back in the saddle too.

A decade of daily writing will give you twitchy fingers...

30 April 2021

The ABC of investing in gold

It feels a little bit like London, circa 2005’, a contact of mine mentioned to me during the week. I immediately understood what she meant.

There’s something in the air ...

28 April 2021

Gold Goes Boom

Does the bull arise from it's slumber?

23 April 2021

Go Go Gold!

The gold price has made a strong recovery this week, racing to hit US$1760, where the gold rally has met resistance in recent weeks. Gold has benefitted through much of the week from the ongoing ...

16 April 2021

Moving On Up

Precious Metals are trending higher and fundamental factors are looking positive for precious metals. We are seeing again this week, some good conditions for price growth. Regressing US treasury ...

09 April 2021