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Gold Flies as Markets Crash!

Gold prices soared overnight, with the price of the yellow metal last trading at USD $1224oz, whilst silver is now sitting at USD $14.66oz, with the yellow metal now on track to close up for the week,...

12 October 2018

How Low Can The AUD Go?

Gold continues to battle the USD $1,200 level this week and we saw Silver catch a bid and hold the US$14.00 level comfortably. Eyes are on the Australian Dollar as it fell through key support this wee...

05 October 2018

The Warning Signs Keep Building

Until last nights price action, gold and silver had remained largely stuck within its recent trading range, and on track to a record a flat monthly return for September. However, after a sharp fall ov...

28 September 2018

10 Years Since Lehman Crashed

Gold is currently trading at USD $1203oz, whilst silver is at USD $14.30oz, with the precious metal market continuing its recent consolidation. In Australian dollar terms, gold is trading at $1673oz, ...

14 September 2018

What’s Up With Silver?

With the recent dramatic sell-off in the silver spot price, we no doubt have many investors scratching their heads as to what is happening in the silver market, and questioning whether the sell-off wi...

07 September 2018

Will the Yield Curve Save a “Dying” Gold Market?

The gold price in USD fell by 3% in the first half of August, declining below critical support at USD $1200oz, though it has since bounced back above this level. The savage sell off represented the cu...

27 August 2018

Is Gold Dying?

Depending on how you look at it, given what’s happened to precious metal prices in the past five weeks, as a gold market commentator, I either picked the very best or very worst of times to take...

24 August 2018

Metals Capitulate on Flight to USD

Precious metals have had a volatile week with the gold price in USD breaking south of 1,200 per ounce and absolute chaos in Forex markets saw the AUD/USD plummet to around US 72.00c. Gold in USD is cu...

17 August 2018

Gold Oversold! Here's what it means

Gold remained heavily oversold this week with a favourite long-term indicator well and truly in the buy zone with gold in the $1630 range.
The longer-term chart in AUD is above, and...

10 August 2018

Gold Sell-Off, When Will It End?

Despite the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates on hold, Gold prices continued to ease this week, with further falls in our currency providing somewhat of a floor for AUD prices. The Federal R...

03 August 2018

Venezuela Trumps Weimar

In news this week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the inflation rate in Venezuela could top 1,000,000% by the end of the year, as the country is in the midst of a hyperinflationa...

27 July 2018