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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Global General Manager, Nicholas Frappell reviews the past week’s price action and discusses the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Go Go Gold!

The gold price has made a strong recovery this week, racing to hit US$1760, where the gold rally has met resistance in recent weeks. Gold has benefitted through much of the week from the ongoing ...

16 April 2021

Moving On Up

Precious Metals are trending higher and fundamental factors are looking positive for precious metals. We are seeing again this week, some good conditions for price growth. Regressing US treasury ...

09 April 2021

Getting Ready for Growth

Gold tested the key support levels in the US$1670-1690 band, coming within a whisker of the 12th of March low before recovering today. Both the rising dollar and rising yields are a headwind for gold ...

01 April 2021

Gold Buyers Active in the Dips

Gold spent the week in a downward trend, testing the U$1720-25 level regularly, mainly as the Dollar Index strengthened. Gold felt as if buyers were active on dips, however as the price neared the top...

26 March 2021

Exciting Time to be Australian

The market is buzzing in Australia with news of a stunning Post-COVID turnaround in the labour market. Job numbers in the nation have climbed up above pre-pandemic levels and the unemployment rate has...

19 March 2021

One Year On

A year ago today, the World Health Organisation declaredthat we were in a pandemic. Since then, we have had to make many alterations to our daily lives. However, the future is looking very optimistic,...

12 March 2021

Powell Speech Allows Bonds to Surge

Gold broke back down through support at US$1763 and has traded within key supports and resistance in a very neat fashion, despite the intraday noise.
The proximate cause is a continuation in th...

05 March 2021

Inflation Fears to Stoke Future Gold Prices

This week the market talk was all about the yield on US 10yr Treasuries surging to 1.6%, the highest in a year. As a result the US market has sold off, particularly for risk assets. This sell off also...

26 February 2021

Platinum Power

Of all of the precious metals traded on the futures markets (gold, silver, platinum and palladium), it seems that platinum is in a group by itself as it has consistently risen for the last three conse...

19 February 2021

Lunar New Year at ABC Bullion

The beginning of the Lunar New Year period meant Asian trade was a relatively muted affair as a number of Asian centres leave for the beginning of the celebration....

12 February 2021

Make It Stop!

Last week Wall Street hedge funds were screaming "Make It Stop!"  over firm killing short positions some had in GameStop ($GME), a US video game chain store, and AMC Entertainment ($AMC...

05 February 2021