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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Sales and Business Development Manager, John Feeney, and Senior Precious Metals Project Analyst, Bron Suchecki, review the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Endgame: Monetary Debasement

This week saw the metals falling on choppy trading, particularly yesterday following the European Central Bank’s monetary policy meeting. While the ECB’s multiple aggressive easing measure...

13 September 2019

Government’s Financial Repression Toolkit

This week, gold had another crack at the $1,550 level on the back of negative manufacturing index figures, the continuing saga that is Brexit and commencement of tariff hikes. However, the resumption ...

06 September 2019

Fear and Uncertainty Drive Gold

A constructive week for precious metals. After trading between $1,490 and $1,510 last week, gold jumped $30 Friday US time on tit for tat tariff increases from both the US and China. Then followed Fed...

30 August 2019

​‘Zero Has No meaning’

We saw some consolidation in precious metals prices this week with gold drifting back below US$1,500 and silver pulling back to $17.00 an ounce. It seems that short-term, the battle for the $1,500 lev...

23 August 2019

​Cash Ban Coming

The gold price consolidated this week with trading bouncing off $1,500 but being capped at $1,525. There was one sell-off mid-week in reaction to better US CPI figures and Trump delaying China tariffs...

16 August 2019

​A Perfect Storm

Well, what a week! After consolidating during July between $1,380 and $1,450, this month, gold has made another break going above $1,500 (and holding) on more trade troubles and negative rates. Silver...

09 August 2019

Go, Aussie Debt, Go!

Just when you think gold prices are going to pull back and have a breather, Trump comes back into the spotlight with some fresh tariffs on Chinese imports, spiking gold to a high of USD$1,449 before p...

02 August 2019

​Desperately Seeking Inflation

Gold pulled back to USD$1,417 this week on the back of a stronger US Dollar, with silver shining brightest at present, adding USD 10c since last week and trading at $16.45 at time of writing. 

26 July 2019

​Silver Spikes 7% - Here’s Why

We talked last week of gold consolidating in a range with a break up through $1,440 as potential indication of the next leg higher. We saw this on Thursday night with gold benefiting from some further...

19 July 2019

​Gold Gains on Powell Pronouncements

Gold spent most of the week under $1,400 even though China added 10 tonnes to its reserves and Poland reported a large acquisition of 100 tonnes.Wednesday gold moved decisively up to $1,426 on the bac...

12 July 2019

Gold as First Step on Property Ladder

A wild week to end the financial year as both ABC Bullion’s trading volumes and number of transactions were higher than any other week this year. After pulling back on Friday night, gold started...

05 July 2019