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Market Updates

Keep up-to-date in the past week’s price action and the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the international and local precious metal markets.


Gold stays calm under pressure from Fed

Gold is down overall this week, lower by 0.66% to US$1,822. Despite falling, spot gold is holding its ground against the Federal Reserve Bank’s warnings of further aggressive rate hikes....

24 June 2022

Markets dive and gold proves its mettle

After a bumpy week, gold is back to the important psychological level of US$1,850. The Federal Reserve Bank shocked the market this week, raising rates 75 basis points instead of the expected 50 basis...

17 June 2022

Gold treads familiar waters

Gold treads familiar waters this week, sticking around US$1,850 ahead of the June FOMC meeting. Silver jumps, platinum retreats, and central banks become more bullish on gold…...

10 June 2022

All precious metals rally this week

Gold rallied this week and remains above US$1,850, as a weaker than expected US jobs report put pressure on the US dollar. Platinum has its best week since the start of March, up almost 10% as automak...

03 June 2022

Will a US recession drive gold higher?

Overall spot gold rose 2% this week to US$1,853 per ounce, with an intra-week high of US$1,869.68. The May Federal Reserve minutes contained no surprises, with more aggressive hikes off the table for ...

27 May 2022

Gold steady as default and stagflation risks grow

Gold rose 0.50% this week to US$1,842, likely driven by technical buying as the US dollar fell from its two-decade high. Major US indices have had some of their worst falls since the early days of the...

20 May 2022

The three things needed for a gold bull market are already here

Gold continued its fall this week, down 3.15% in total, though Au lost 1.6% in trading on Thursday night. Investors are seeking refuge in gold as equity markets are hit much harder. High inflation dat...

13 May 2022

Gold price rises on Fed decision

Gold has rebounded this week after the Federal Reserve Bank announced a May rate hike. Au dipped down ahead of the Fed meeting, but spot gold will close higher overall this week…...

06 May 2022

Gold battles a strong greenback

Spot gold was pushed down last week to back below US$1,900. Greenbacks remain strong as the Federal Reserve Bank is expected to increase rates at next week’s FOMC. Major currencies are falling c...

29 April 2022

Gold nestles in before the Fed speaks

After rejecting US$2,000 per ounce last week, look for gold to consolidate between US$1,940–60 in the lead up to the May Fed meeting. ...

26 April 2022

Is gold ready to crack US$2,000 per ounce again?

Spot gold traded US$10 per ounce higher on US CPI data, reaching a four-decade high. Though Au had a muted response to the high inflation numbers coming out of the US, largely because the US remains s...

14 April 2022