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Metals Capitulate on Flight to USD

Precious metals have had a volatile week with the gold price in USD breaking south of 1,200 per ounce and absolute chaos in Forex markets saw the AUD/USD plummet to around US 72.00c. Gold in USD is cu...

17 August 2018

Gold Oversold! Here's what it means

Gold remained heavily oversold this week with a favourite long-term indicator well and truly in the buy zone with gold in the $1630 range.
The longer-term chart in AUD is above, and...

10 August 2018

Gold Sell-Off, When Will It End?

Despite the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates on hold, Gold prices continued to ease this week, with further falls in our currency providing somewhat of a floor for AUD prices. The Federal R...

03 August 2018

Venezuela Trumps Weimar

In news this week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the inflation rate in Venezuela could top 1,000,000% by the end of the year, as the country is in the midst of a hyperinflationa...

27 July 2018

China and Commodities Crunched

Gold prices have fallen by over 1% this week, re-testing the USD $1240oz level, whilst silver has also declined, trading closer to USD $16oz, as renewed selling pressure hit the entire commodities com...

13 July 2018

Has Gold Bottomed?

Gold prices have rallied this week, with the precious metal complex possibly having completed its multi-month corrective period. The yellow metal, which had fallen by approximately USD $130oz since ea...

06 July 2018

Gold Soft as Trade Tensions Escalate!

It’s been a difficult two weeks for precious metal bulls, with gold failing to hold support at the all important USD $1,300oz level late last week, before plunging to USD $1,275oz on June 15

22 June 2018

Podcast: Free money is the enemy of free markets

David Stockman, director of the Office of Management of Budget un...

19 June 2018

Gold: It’s Worse than it Looks!

Precious metal prices have consolidated this week, with gold still battling to decisively reclaim the USD $1,300oz level. Silver has had a better time of it, rising nearly 2.5% in the last week, with ...

08 June 2018

In Gold We Trust - 2018 Edition

Incrementum AG this week released their 12th annual “In Gold We Trust” report, titled “Gold and the Turning of the Monetary Tides”, a must read report for any follower of the p...

01 June 2018

Aus Property: You Don't Need a Catalyst For a Crash

In any discussion of the Australian housing market, it’s impossible to avoid discussion of a catalyst. “We see no immediate catalysts for a crash,” has become the cry of the p...

31 May 2018