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Taking Physical Possession

Whilst ABC Bullion will provide free storage for your Gold Saver holdings for as long as you like, as well as buy your Gold Saver holdings back from you at anytime, we also understand that in many cases, clients will want to convert their holdings to actual physical gold and silver bars, coins and tablets.

If that is you, then ABC Bullion will happily assist. The ABC Bullion gold saver is fully redeemable in both the ABC Bullion Cast Bar Range, and the signature range of ABC Bullion Eureka products.

ABC Cast Bar Range

Manufactured since 1972, the ABC Bullion brand of precious metals is recognised Australia wide. As the leading independent gold trader in the country, the ABC Bullion trademark is accepted everywhere in Australia, guaranteeing you maximum liquidity on your purchase, so you can trade exactly when you need to.

ABC Bullion refines and manufactures our precious metals right here in Australia, so our clients can be assured of both quality and reputation. Each of our bars, regardless of size, is stamped with its purity alongside our very own ABC Bullion hallmark, with our entire cast bar range produced at the LBMA accredited ABC Refinery.


ABC Eureka Range

The Eureka Range is the ABC Bullion signature minted collection. An exceptionally high quality finish is a recognised ABC Bullion hallmark. All metal used in Eureka production is sourced solely within Australia.

Set against an iconic Australian backdrop, the Eureka range captures the spirit of a definitive moment in Australian gold mining history, The Eureka Rebellion. Also referred to as the Eureka Stockade, the Eureka Rebellion is a key event in the birth of Australian democracy and the term “Digger”.

All Eureka minted coins and tablets are wholly produced in Australia using the latest in international minting technologies and struck from the finest precious metal, certified by the LBMA accredited ABC Refinery laboratories.

Each bar is individually serialised and sealed in protective ABCeal™ packaging guaranteeing origin, assayed fine precious metal content, weight and quality.

What does it cost to take possession of the metal?

There are no additional fees charged for this service, other than the ‘barring charge’ which covers the cost of turning your gold saver holding into the actual physical bar, coin or tablets you wish to take personal possession of.

For more on understanding how barring charges work, click here.