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Superannuation: Why Investing In Gold Makes Sense

Holding precious metals is a simple and effective way to truly diversify your portfolio, helping you to build wealth over the years, whilst minimising risk along the way. Many investors are concerned that their superannuation portfolios, many of which are highly concentrated in the share and fixed-income markets, are not sufficiently diverse, or safe. This is especially the case in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, with debt levels continuing to rise, central banks printing money, interest rates at record lows and negative bond yields.

Physical Gold and Superannuation: The Last 15 years

There are a key number of reasons why investors would want to hold some of their investment portfolio in precious metal. These reasons include the fact that:

  • Gold prices tend to rise most when ‘real’ interest rates (which account for inflation) are low, as they are all around the world today
  • Gold is uncorrelated to the share market, which helps to balance a portfolio
  • Gold is a natural currency hedge for an Australian investor
  • Gold is highly liquid and has zero counter-party risk
  • Gold is a proven hedge against inflation as well as geopolitical and economic uncertainty

This is clear in the table, which compares the return of gold, silver and platinum to common Australian asset classes.

How to invest in Gold using your Superannuation

ABC Bullion is Australia’s precious metal investment education authority with a focus on the potential role of gold within superannuation funds. To learn how to invest in precious metals using your superannuation, we have the following resources to help:

1. ABC Bullion Beginner’s Guide to Precious Metals

If you are new to precious metals, our beginner’s guide will answer all your questions and explain the main reasons why one should invest in gold and silver. Download the guide here.

2. ABC Bullion Superannuation & Precious Metals Guide

This guide discussed the benefits of including physical gold in your superannuation and options for doing so in an employer, industry or retail super fund. It also explains the advantages of, and how to, set up your own Self-Managed Super Fund. Download the guide here.

3. ABC Bullion SMSF Trustee’s Guide to Precious Metals

Our SMSF Trustee’s Guide is Australia’s most detailed source of knowledge for SMSF trustees looking to invest in precious metals. It covers the major reasons to invest in physical gold and silver, the key factors to consider, as well as case studies and FAQs. Download the guide here.