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Gold Saver Features

Individuals can set up a direct debit from their regular bank account. ABC Bullion will convert this money into either gold or silver the day we receive the money. Your savings are then linked to the price of gold and silver, allowing them to grow over time, with gold rising by nearly 10% per annum for the past 10 years  a far higher return than any cash account or term deposit. 

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver account is also a perfect solution for parents and grandparents looking to create a valuable long term savings asset for their children or grandchildren. From the mines the metal originally comes from, to the refinery where it is processed, to the vault the metal is securely stored in, the ABC Bullion Gold Saver is a truly Australian operation, and the first of its kind.

How to save with Gold Saver


  • Save in either physical gold or silver, or a combination of both
  • Invest in regular instalments weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Savings can range from as little as AUD $50 up to AUD $5000 per instalment
  • Money will be direct debited from your nominated bank account - supported by CommBank BPOINT
  • Change the timing, dollar amount and frequency of your instalments
  • Low transaction costs (2% for gold, 3% for silver)
  • Transparent pricing - all transactions occur at the gold and silver price set at 5pm AEST every business day
  • No ongoing storage fees
  • Track the value of your gold and silver holdings online
  • Make Top Up payments to accelerate your gold and silver holdings 
  • Easy to trade – you can sell your gold and silver back to ABC Bullion at any time
  • 100% backed by physical metal, stored in Australia and externally audited for peace of mind
  • Can be converted to physical gold and silver bars on request (charges apply)