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ABC Bullion

Storage & Delivery

Ensuring your physical gold and silver are safely stored is of paramount importance. Whilst storing gold and silver at home is one option, this is not without risk.

Typically, clients that purchase gold and silver from ABC Bullion also look to us to store their metal with us. Alternatively, they may utilize our sister company, Custodian Vaults, which offers a private vaulting service for physical bullion and other valuables.

By storing with ABC Bullion, you are able to monitor your holdings and portfolio valuation online 24 hours a day, as well as able to buy and sell through our website.

Storing with ABC Bullion comes with a number of other advantages, which include:

  • Free storage through our Pool Allocated bullion products
  • Complimentary metal replacement insurance for all metals stored with ABC Bullion, underwritten by Lloyds of London
  • Biannual independent audit of all physical metal holdings, providing additional peace of mind for investors
  • Annual statutory audit of all metal positions by an independent assurance practitioner
  • Regular transaction and portfolio holding updates including EOFY valuations for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

If you would like more details about storage and insurance, including the fees and charges for storing with ABC Bullion, please visit our Bullion storage or Insurance page.