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ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion Investor Centre

The ABC Bullion Investor Centre is Australia’s leading precious metals investment portal. It contains a wealth of knowledge on the key factors influencing the physical gold and silver markets, as well as research into currencies, interest rates, share and fixed income markets, property and superannuation.

ABC Bullion is a regular contributor to numerous Australian and International news media outlets, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, The Australian, The Financial Review, Livewire and Reuters.

The ABC Bullion investor centre contains a number of key areas including our;

  • New to Bullion: The New to Bullion section covers the four steps involved in opening an account and beginning your precious metal investment journey, including access to ABC Bullion's First Time Buyers Guide. 
  • Market Updates: Published for ABC Bullion clients weekly, featuring in-depth analysis on gold and silver price moves, economic developments and other financial market information. 
  • Key Research: Special reports and market leading research into the precious metal market, and the broader economy. 
  • Key Market Statistics: Annual return and long term price charts for bullion in a range of currencies, highlighting how gold and silver have performed over the long run.
  • Videos: ABC Bullion interviews and videos with finance media and other professionals in the physical bullion market. 
  • Media Section: Samples of ABC Bullion features in the Australian and international media. 
  • Events Calendar: Details of ABC Bullion educational events, and investment conferences. Please check the Events Calendar.