Silver: Updated Technical Outlook

After the decent break that took place on Tuesday the 19th, it looks worthwhile to have a quick visit to the Weekly Charts and ratio charts to see how the picture has moved on since the ...

22 April 2016

A Silver Special

by Nick Frappell

Silver rallied just over 12 % from the beginning of the year to the Q1 high of US$16.14, before falling away after an unsuccessful challenge of the October 2015 spot high of...

15 April 2016

The Silver Bullet For Investors

ABC Bullion features on ABC News story on Silver


18 March 2016

Extended Interview with Jim Rickards

China's quest for international endorsement as a responsible and liberalised economic superpower took a step up this week with the IMF deciding to include the Yuan as a reserve currency in its Spec...

02 February 2016

With the worst start in five years, what's going wrong and what's ahead?

With the worst start in five years, what's going wrong and what's ahead?

ABC Bullion Cheif Economist Jordan Eliseo on ABCs The Business


02 February 2016

January 2016 Metals Commentary

In a classic case of sell the rumour, buy the fact, the precious metal market did not crater in the aftermath of the much anticipated interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve. Indeed, despite the ...

21 January 2016

Why Problems are Surfacing in Financial Markets

If you are looking for answers as to why global stock markets are being sold off in the past month, it may be best to turn the TV off and read about the GFC. The problem with financial media at the...

30 September 2015

Mark Faber 'Markets have reached a Tipping Point'

Mark Faber warns that conventional markets have reached a tipping point.


03 September 2015

Jim Grant On The Fed

With recent action in financial markets Jim Grant explains the real role of the Federal Reserve.  


28 August 2015

Gold Bounces Whilst ASX 200 Drops to Negative For The Year

Last week there was some turmoil as China surprised markets with three consecutive devaluations of there yuan. The news was unexpected and was a pretty big signal that things may not be a rosy as t...

17 August 2015

US Stocks to Top When Rate Cycle Starts?

Gold starts the week at AUD $1474, silver sitting just under $20 an ounce. The AUD saw a bounce last week back up to 74c, which is more than likely just a short term recovery for our dollar. The US...

10 August 2015

A technical perspective on the recent gold sell-off

With the recent $30 drop in the Gold price on Monday the 20th of July, we have had a few enquiries from nervous investors that are completely new to precious metals markets. It is noted that the Pu...

30 July 2015

Greek Deal Calms Markets - but AUD Looking Grim

It has been a verst busy few weeks for physical metal sales with a lot happening in global markets. Gold overnight was fairly flat in US dollars hovering around the $1,156 US mark, silver a bit low...

15 July 2015

A Few Points On Platinum

As precious metals prices are largely unaffected so far by the events in Greece over the weekend we will take a look at platinum, which has fared the worst of the precious metals in the past 12 mon...

01 July 2015