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ABC Bullion

Barring Premium

Barring premiums cover the costs of fabricating our ABC Pool Allocated Products into a specific bar, coin or tablet at the election of a client.

The barring premiums are the difference between the selling price of a physical product and the selling price of same amount of fine ounces of pool allocated. Please see an example below.


Assume the current selling price of 1 ounce of ABC Pool Allocated gold is $2,869.40 and a 2 ounce ABC Gold Cast Bar is selling for $5,783.90 (live selling prices of our products are available here).

In this example, the barring premium for a 2 ounce bar would be difference between the 2 ounce bar price of $5,783.90 and 2 ounces of pool allocated gold worth $5,738.80, which would be $45.10 in this example.

If you wanted to convert, say 4 ounces of ABC Pool Allocated gold into two 2 ounce ABC Bullion gold cast bars, then the barring premium you would pay would simply be $45.10 x 2, or AUD $90.20.