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Market Updates

Each Friday, ABC Bullion’s Precious Metals Analyst, Bron Suchecki reviews the past week’s price action and discuss the current geopolitical and economic factors driving the precious metal markets.


Inflation Bomb Set to Blow

JP Morgan says US money printing may ignite an inflation bomb. This week we also look at China's call for a new super-sovereign currency to counter the US dollar and why Scotiabank closed its bull...

01 May 2020

You Can’t Print Gold

Gold edged higher this week to $1,726 and silver is tracking sideways around the USD $15 per ounce level, yet to make up its mind on whether to join gold or remain uncoupled as the AUD/USD trades at 0...

24 April 2020

Gold Clears $1,700 As QE Returns

Gold reached a high of $1,747 this week and silver consolidated currently trading around the $15.40 level. With the Australian dollar trading within a 1.8 cent around 0.6354 the AUD metal prices chopp...

17 April 2020

Look Very Closely at Silver

Gold advanced to $1,648 this week on US dollar weakness and silver battled with the $15 level after adding around 7% from the start of the week. The USD index retreated, putting the AUD back above 62c...

09 April 2020

Dead Cat Bounce

A bit of a mixed week for the metals, with gold initially falling but recovering back above $1600 and silver to $14.56. The Aussie dropped to 60.5 cents this week helping local prices recover to trade...

03 April 2020

Another Week, Another New Gold Price High

A good week for the metals with gold staging a recovery above $1,600 and silver outperforming to over $14.50. For Aussie investors, we saw the $A gold price reach a new high of $2,766.9...

27 March 2020

Investors Go Crazy for Gold and Silver

Another tough week for precious metals with gold falling to the $1,450 level and silver near $12 however with the Aussie dollar also getting hit Australian gold prices have held up in th...

20 March 2020

Worst Crash Since 1987

Stock markets have seen the most vicious sell-off since the 1987 “Black Monday” crash and the precious metals were dragged down on liquidating longs. However, with the AUD taking a beating...

13 March 2020

Volatility is the New Normal

The metals recovered this week with equity market volatility sending gold to $1,670 and silver $17.45. The Aussie dollar’s recovery cut into local price gains but gold was still up from recent l...

06 March 2020

Markets Awaken: US Stocks Crash 11%

The US stock market finally woke up to coronavirus risk with the S&P 500 crashing 11.60% in less than a week, and gold jumping to highs of $1,687. Silver fell back this week to $17.80 given 18% of...

28 February 2020