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PAMP Silver

The PAMP Suisse brand of precious metals is the only truly global, bullion brand, listed on every major commodities exchange around the world, from New York to Nairobi.

As the world’s leading, independent refiner of precious metals, PAMP Suisse pride themselves on innovation and emphasis on the intrinsic beauty of their products. Each PAMP Suisse bar is individually registered and comes with an official document of legitimacy, certifying it’s purity and authenticity. Further to this, each and every single PAMP Suisse ingot has it’s own, unique identity number, making them an extremely secure and reliable investment product.

Acknowledged by the London Bullion Market Association as one of only 5 accredited Good Delivery Referees, PAMP Suisse control over half the global market for gold bullion bars weighing under 50 grams, and process up to 400 tonnes of gold per annum.

Beautifully crafted and of exceptional quality, the PAMP Suisse brand has become known for their high-polish, artisan finish unmatched in the industry. Their celebrated ‘Lady Fortuna’ motif was the first ever, decorative design to be featured on bullion bars and is now synonymous with the PAMP Suisse name for investors around the world as an emblem of superior quality.

Please note: all bar, tablet and coin measurements listed are a guide only, slight variations may occur. All specified weights are exact. Except in the instance of the ABC Bullion 400oz gold cast bar, weight variations are accounted for in the individual pricing of each bar.



1kg PAMP Cast Bar Silver

$ 740.90
1 - 14 Items $740.90
15 - Items $730.90
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