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ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion Eureka Range

The Eureka is the ABC Bullion signature minted bullion collection.

Iconic by Design
Set against an iconic Australian backdrop, the range captures the spirit of a definitive moment in Australian gold mining history, The Eureka Rebellion. Also referred to as the Eureka Stockade, the Eureka Rebellion is a key event in the birth of Australian democracy and the term “Digger”.

The Eureka Rebellion came about because the goldfield workers (known as “Diggers”) opposed government mining licences as an unfair tax. These licence fees had to be paid regardless of whether a Digger's claim resulted in any gold being found. The unique principles of Australian mateship exhibited by these goldfield workers and their nickname “Diggers” were later adopted by ANZAC soldiers in World War I. Please click here for a full account of the historic rebellion. 

On each piece of the ABC Bullion signature minted bullion collection, the Digger stands proudly on his tenement, displaying his newly discovered gold nugget against a blazing Australian sun. A grey gum tree and native Kookaburra framed by rolling Australian bush lands complete the scene in stunning detail.

Accredited all Australian Quality

All Eureka minted coins and tablets are wholly produced in Australia using the latest in international minting technologies and struck from the finest 99.99% Gold and 99.95+% Silver, certified by the NATA accredited ABC Refinery laboratories.

Superior Detail
An exceptionally high quality finish is a recognised ABC Bullion and ABC Refinery hallmark.

Please note: all bar, tablet and coin measurements listed are a guide only, slight variations may occur. All specified weights are exact. Except in the instance of the ABC Bullion 400oz gold cast bar, weight variations are accounted for in the individual pricing of each bar.



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