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72% of Australians Aren't Interested in Platinum, Palladium and Silver Despite Consistent Gains

Earlier this week, we looked at survey data that suggested gold was “off the radar” as an investment class. We thought it was shocking when 45% of Australians said they “never though...

12 July 2018

80% of Australians Don't Know They Can Hold Gold in Their Super

One of the most interesting insights from the recent ABC Bullion survey of Australians was the fact that over 80% of respondents didn’t realise they could invest in gold using their superannuati...

11 July 2018

45% of Australians Never Thought About Investing in Gold At All

Earlier in the week, we looked at survey data which showed that over 85% of Australians don't invest in physical gold. Of course, at ABC Bullion, we wanted to identify the major barriers which are...

10 July 2018

Most Australians Don’t Own Gold Bullion

Recently, we conducted a survey with over 400 Australians, via Google, to see how they feel about investing in physical gol...

09 July 2018

ABC Refinery Accredited by the Shanghai Gold Exchange

10 April 2018. Today, ABC Refinery was officially accredited by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”), making it one of only seven international companies who can sell gold into the world&rsq...

10 April 2018

Gold Investment Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering buying gold as an investment? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of gold investment....

04 April 2018

ABC Refinery Now Using Acidless Separation

ABC Refinery now uses acidless separation (ALS) for gold refining. ALS is the most technologically advanced, environmentally-sound, non-toxic separation process for gold that exists today....

21 March 2018

Dollar Cost Averaging: What You Need to Know

What is dollar cost averaging?

Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy wherein investors purchase a predetermined fixed-dollar amount of assets at regularly scheduled intervals re...

21 March 2018

Do You Pay GST on Precious Metals?

 Do you need to pay GST on your precious metal investment? There’s no GST on investment grade bullion. Our 99.99% pure gold and silver coins and cast bars do not attract GST....

15 March 2018

ABC Bullion Now Accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay

ABC Bullion has partnered with Alipay and WeChat Pay to allow all approved clients to pay for bullion purchases using Alipay and WeChat Pay commencing 8th March 2018....

09 March 2018

SMSF Strategies: Property vs Gold

With 2018 already two months old, trustees are busy reviewing and updating SMSF strategies, looking for the best ways to maximise the investment opportunities the year will bring, as well as hopefully...

08 March 2018

ABC Bullion is now a Member of the SBMA

ABC Bullion now has Foreign Associate Member status with the Singapore Bullion Market Association....

21 February 2018

Silver Monster Box - Sale on Now!

Don't miss out on your Aussie Silver Monster Box. Forget Silver Eagle Monster Boxes - ABC Bullion is offering a Eureka Monster Box with 500 coins inside, at only $1.90 per coin above the silver tr...

21 February 2018

Gold Bar Buying Guide

Thinking about investing in gold? Wise choice. To help make the process easier and to ensure you’re purchasing the highest quality gold, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying gold bars....

20 February 2018

Sell Gold Bullion

Selling gold online is a snap for ABC customers.

  1. Check the buyback price and log in to your account.
  2. Decide if you prefer to sell from your metal holdings or Gold Saver account.

    19 January 2018