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Silver Monster Box - Sale on Now!

Don't miss out on your Aussie Silver Monster Box. Forget Silver Eagle Monster Boxes - ABC Bullion is offering a Eureka Monster Box with 500 coins inside, at only $1.90 per coin above the silver tr...

21 February 2018

Gold Bar Buying Guide

Thinking about investing in gold? Wise choice. To help make the process easier and to ensure you’re purchasing the highest quality gold, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying gold bars....

20 February 2018

Sell Gold Bullion

Selling gold online is a snap for ABC customers.

  1. Check the buyback price and log in to your account.
  2. Decide if you prefer to sell from your metal holdings or Gold Saver account.

    19 January 2018

Palladium Uses

You have heard of platinum, but have you heard about the precious metal known as palladium? This rare metal is difficult to come by and highly sought-after, making it a valuable investment option. And...

19 January 2018

Platinum Uses

Platinum is one of the most popular and pricey precious metals in the world. We’ve gathered some information to help you learn more about this metal, including:

  1. What platinum is and wh...

    19 January 2018

Convert Bitcoin to Gold


11 January 2018

ABC Bullion Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

ABC Bullion has partnered with Bitpay to allow all approved customers to pay for bullion purchases using bitcoin commencing 8 January 2018.
In the words of Managing Director, Janie ...

08 January 2018

List of Private Mints Worldwide

What is the difference between private mint and a sovereign mint?
Private mints create bullion which is regulated, and sometimes accredited, but sales of bullion by private mints are unaffiliate...

20 December 2017

How to Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Here are your options for cashing out of bitcoin:

  1. Sell your bitcoins online
  2. Convert your bitcoins to gold
  3. Trade directly with buyers
  4. Selling your bitcoins at an...

    20 December 2017

Silver: Updated Technical Outlook

After the decent break that took place on Tuesday the 19th, it looks worthwhile to have a quick visit to the Weekly Charts and ratio charts to see how the picture has moved on since the ...

22 April 2016

A Silver Special

by Nick Frappell

Silver rallied just over 12 % from the beginning of the year to the Q1 high of US$16.14, before falling away after an unsuccessful challenge of the October 2015 spot high of...

15 April 2016

The Silver Bullet For Investors

ABC Bullion features on ABC News story on Silver


18 March 2016

Extended Interview with Jim Rickards

China's quest for international endorsement as a responsible and liberalised economic superpower took a step up this week with the IMF deciding to include the Yuan as a reserve currency in its Spec...

02 February 2016

With the worst start in five years, what's going wrong and what's ahead?

With the worst start in five years, what's going wrong and what's ahead?

ABC Bullion Cheif Economist Jordan Eliseo on ABCs The Business


02 February 2016