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ABC Bullion

London Bullion Market Association - LBMA

ABC Bullion LBMA 400oz Good Delivery Bar

The LBMA is an international trade association, representing the London market for gold and silver bullion which has a global client base. This includes the majority of the gold-holding central banks, private sector investors, mining companies, producers, refiners and fabricators.

The on-going work of the Association covers a number of areas, among them refining standards, trading documentation and the development of good trading practices. The maintenance of the Good Delivery List, including the accreditation of new refiners and the regular retesting of listed refiners, is the most important core activity of the LBMA. To find out more, please visit the LBMA website.

ABC Bullion is a full member of the LBMA 

ABC Bullion is a full member of the LBMA.

ABC Bullion is the only independent bullion dealer in Australia to have full LBMA membership. ABC Bullion joins an illustrious list of just 68 full members globally, including Credit Suisse, Glencore International and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Achieving full membership of the LBMA is a significant acknowledgement of ABC Bullion’s position in the global precious metals market. Granting full membership follows ABC Refinery’s appointment to the LBMA’s Delivery list for gold, making it the first independent Australian refinery to be so accredited.

Pallion CEO Andrew Cochineas commented:

“This is an important validation for ABC Bullion, as full membership to the LBMA is international recognition of our commitment to upholding the highest standards within the industry and highlights the Pallion Group’s commitment to excellence in the precious metal industry. We are delighted to be admitted into this membership, and look forward to working alongside other leading players from around the world."

“Achieving the highest level of membership from the LBMA cements our position as Australasia’s most trusted brand in the investment bullion space.”

A thorough approval process precedes membership of the LBMA, and potential members require three existing LBMA members as sponsors, with whom they have had a bullion-based trading relationship for at least one year.  ABC Bullion has full voting rights on all LBMA matters.