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ABC Bullion

Rick Rule - Massive Gold, Silver, and Previous Metals Bull Market Incoming

If precious metals only return to their mean with the historical average, demand for gold will skyrocket, particularly in Australia.

Rick Rule, in a discussion with Shae Russell, Group Communications Manager for ABC Bullion. As gold struggles to hold above US$1,800 level, Shae Russell asks Rick Rule if the sentiment behind gold has changed? Not so says Rick, rather gold is yet to become a mainstream investment asset, and they demand for precious metals is set to soar.

Rick’s a well-known mining investor and former president and CEO of Sprott US Holdings. Rick began his career in the securities business in 1974 and has been principally involved in natural resource stock investments ever since. More recently, he just launched his own research arm, Rule Investment Media. He has financed numerous exploration and mining companies over his 45-year career.

And right now, he believes a recovery in the gold price is imminent.