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ABC Bullion

Making of The 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup

ABC Bullion: We are Bringing It Home
The 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup

The Lexus Melbourne Cup 2021 is the most highly coveted trophy in sport. ABC Bullion is delighted to partner with the Victorian Racing Club once again, to share this special moment with all Australians. 

The gold in this year's Melbourne Cup is sourced from Kirkland Lake's Fosterville mine in Victoria. The birthplace of the of Victorian gold rush…where the first discovery of gold, led to a gold rush that brought the world to our doorstep and transformed the nation.  

Handcrafted by artisans at ABC Bullion’s sister company W.J. Sanders, the cup is crafted to meet the exact Victoria Racing Club’s specifications — every curve, every angle, every dimension within 1/10 of a millimetre of the original design. Today, the Melbourne Cup is now valued over $275,000.

It's the focus, artistry and expertise coming together to bring it to life…each element meticulously crafted. For a race that not only stops a nation but pauses the world. 

We are bringing it home. This is the making of the 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup.

Watch the video celebrating the making of the cup and all the people who contributed here