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Silver is Cheap!

15 November 2018

Last trading just above USD $14oz and below AUD $20oz, it’s been a tough few weeks for silver, which is now down almost USD $1oz, or 5% since the start of November.

The decline in silver has helped bring the gold to silver ratio (GSR) to 85:1, more than double what it was back in 2011.

As per the chart below, silver is now at its cheapest point relative to gold in 25 years.
Gold/silver ratio

Whilst we could see some more downside short-term, especially if gold fails to hold USD $1,200oz, we think anything below AUD $20oz will prove to be a bargain.

As a result, we’ve topped up our SMSF this week, confident these holdings will deliver strong returns over the next 5 years.

Jordan Eliseo
Chief Economist
ABC Bullion

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