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What makes silver a ‘miracle metal’?

15 June 2022

Silver, chemically represented as Ag, is one of the most useful commodities in the world and can be valuable to any investor’s portfolio. However, what is it about silver that cultivates the nickname ‘the miracle metal’, and how does this affect silver on the investment market?

Silver’s unique properties

Silver has a series of unique properties that allow it to have hundreds of medical, industrial and economic applications, across the globe. Being both the most thermally and electrically conductive of any metal on earth, silver makes for the best option in many battery and wiring-related practices. If you have ever used an SR44 silver-oxide battery, you have benefitted from one of silver’s many industrial applications.

As well as having these properties, silver is also very ductile and malleable, making it suitable for hammering and manipulating into specific shapes, such as coins or wires. This also makes it invaluable to jewellers, who appreciate silver for its lustrous, aesthetic appeal as well as the ease with which it can be worked.

What makes silver a ‘miracle metal’?

These properties, in tandem with countless others, truly justify silver’s nickname of ‘the miracle metal’. Silver is one of the most sought-after precious metals, whilst being one of the cheapest to purchase.

Able to be purchased as silver bullion, such as silver coins, minted bar silver, or cast bars, but more widely used in industry, for mobile and wireless telecommunication devices, cameras, computers, and more, silver’s properties make it unique and indispensable to a whole host of industries – hence ‘miracle metal’.

Silver on the investment market

Due to silver’s widespread application in both industrial and investment contexts, it is expected that demand (and subsequently the value) of silver will rise. Countries such as China and India, as well as the USA and other South-East Asian countries, have displayed a remarkable inclination toward both gold and silver, meaning a rebirth of silver in the investment market could be on the horizon. On the current market, silver’s modest price makes it disproportionately undervalued.

Despite any and all changes that may influence how the investment market perceives silver, its incredible versatility and unique properties make it an asset in any investor’s portfolio. See ABC Bullion’s extensive catalogue of silver products to see what could best suit you and your investing needs.
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