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Verifying your account and collecting your first purchase

21 July 2022

How can you open an account with ABC Bullion?


It takes only a couple of minutes to open an account online with ABC Bullion.
Simply complete the appropriate online application and enter your government issued ID details to complete the verification process. 
ABC Bullion verifies your identity via a third-party verification system and is then advised within seconds of the result of your verification.  ABC Bullion then instantly notifies you that your account is open; or if required, requests further identification documents.

Company and SMSF Account

To open an account in the name of your Company or SMSF, ABC Bullion is required to verify the entity and the trustee(s)/beneficial owners. Upon account creation, ABC Bullion may request relevant personal and SMSF/company documentation, which may consist of your Government issued ID, ABN, ACN, and if a trust, your Trust Deed.

In Store 

We can open an account for you on the spot at our offices. Please ensure that you bring at least two of the following forms of identification with you:
  • Driver's Licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card
If you have any concerns about how we manage your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Your first purchase with ABC Bullion


How do I know when my order will be ready for collection?

Collection of your order(s) is available once your payment has cleared into ABC Bullion’s bank account. Our finance team will email you a remittance advice once your payment has been received. Your remittance advice contains collection information.
When collecting at our state offices (VIC, QLD, WA), please call prior to arrival to confirm stock availability.

Can I send someone to collect an order on my behalf?

Of course, if that person is an operating authority or collection authority on your account. If you wish to add an authority to your account, please download the form from your online ABC Bullion account. Please make sure the form is signed by both parties. We require photo ID for both parties (account holder and authorised party) for collection to be successful.

How long will you hold my metals after payment?

ABC Bullion will hold your metal for 14 business days from the date that your payment clears. We ask that you arrange to collect your metal at your earliest convenience.
Storing your metal adds additional costs however we can also arrange for delivery (at a fee) or assist you with moving it into a safety deposit box. You may like to look at our sister company Custodian Vaults when considering your storage options and charges.
You can choose to privately vault your metal  with ABC Bullion's sister company, Custodian Vaults. Click here for more information and pricing. 

ABC Bullion is your partner in precious metals – don’t hesitate to start on making your first purchase by opening your account today.
Warm regards,
The ABC Bullion Team