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ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion Celebrates Australia‚Äč

25 January 2022

Tuesday 25 January 2022
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  • Australian silver. Local craftmanship.
  • Australian gold. Global leaders.
  • Online trading open 24/7 – Australian showrooms closed 26th January.

Australian silver. Local craftmanship.

ABC Bullion is proud to be the Official Precious Metals Partner of the Australian Open.

Our sister company, W.J. Sanders is now entrusted by Tennis Australia and the Australian Open to craft two of the most unique and iconic sporting trophies in the world – the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup and Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup, both made with 100% Australian sourced, refined and worked silver.

In addition, W.J. Sanders is proud to announce that this is the first time the six doubles trophies for the Australian Open have been made in Australian Silver and all under its roof.
The silver for this year’s trophies came directly from the Mt Rawdon mine in Queensland, owned and operated by Evolution Mining.

W.J. Sanders has the most highly skilled silversmiths in Australia working within its walls. Their patience and passion translate into unique works of art. 

ABC Bullion is delighted to be part of this unique Australian story and iconic sporting event.

Australian gold. Global leaders.

ABC Bullion is passionate about demonstrating to Australians why the provenance of precious metals matters.

The ABC Bullion commitment to responsible sourcing and refining of its precious metals is more than just rhetoric. At ABC Bullion ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) forms the basis of its corporate ethos.

ABC Bullion is one of a handful of precious metals companies globally that can offer these assurances. Indeed ABC Bullion’s sister company, ABC Refinery holds dual accreditation with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and CME group. Further, ABC Bullion’s parent company Pallion is the only independent precious metals services group to boast membership of the GRI (Global Responsible Initiative).
ABC Refinery is the exclusive producer of ABC Bullion products, widely regarded as one of the world’s most universally accepted and coveted Bullion brands. In addition, as part of the Pallion family of precious metal companies, ABC Bullion product boasts the industry’s most transparent supply chain and the largest zero-emission refining capacity in the world.
Acidless Separation (ALS)TM is the world’s most environmentally responsible refining technology and requires no acid to refine gold and silver to almost pure standard. This technology allows for the removal of silver and other elements from alloys using vacuum distillation technology.

 ABC Refinery is proud to be the first and only Australian refinery to use ALS and utilises the world’s largest ALS refining capacity.

There is no other refiner in Australia that can give you this assurance.

Total control over the entire supply chain coupled with market leading environmentally aware refining technology is a rare commodity in the global precious metals market. Pallion Provenance™ begins with the responsible sourcing of primary refining inputs from conflict free areas, right through to the processing of them into investment grade gold and silver bullion.
As such, the provenance of our precious metals is subject to strict annual independent Responsible Gold Guidance (RGG) Audit as well as OECD and World Gold Council Conflict Gold Policies (all available here).

It’s why we say ABC Bullion products are the world’s most Considerate Precious Metals®. So, when our clients buy precious metal products from us, we can say with absolute certainty where that metal came from. We know the mining, labour and governance conditions of those precious metals. We know workers have been paid a living wage. We know our miners are acting ethically and with best environmental practices.
Investing with ABC Bullion means you know you’re buying Australian gold and silver.

It's all these things that come together to produce precious metal that ABC Bullion is proud to provide to its clientele and proud to be used in the production of Australia’s premier sporting trophies.

To celebrate this partnership, ABC Bullion is offering 25% off the premium on pool allocated gold and silver. This offer is only available on Wednesday 26th January 2022.
Until next time,
Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager,
For ABC Bullion