The Krugerand was the world's first ounce-denominated coin, and it is the national coin of South Africa, one of the world’s largest gold miners. First minted in the 1960s, it is one of the world's most recognisable bullion coins. Indeed, during the great bull market in gold of the 1970s, the gold Krugerrand quickly became the number one choice for investors worldwide wanting to buy gold. Between 1974 and 1985, it is estimated that 22 million gold Krugerrand coins were imported into the United States alone.

The 1oz gold Krugerrand is incredibly easy to transport and store. Since the Krugerrand is so well recognised, buying and selling them internationally is exceptionally easy, with over 60 million sold in the past few decades, making the Krugerrand the most widely held bullion coin in the world. This product does attract GST in Australia as it is only 22 carat gold.



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