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ABC Bullion

Technical Analysis

Each month, ABC Bullion's Global General Manager Nick Frappell provides a technical analysis of the precious metals markets with short and medium term price targets and support and resistance levels utilising Fibonacci levels, Ichimoku Clouds, Point and Figure charts, COMEX trader positioning and Volume-Weighted Average prices. Nick holds a Diploma in Technical Analysis from the UK Society of Technical Analysts.


March Report: Precious Metals Technical Analysis

Gold traded to within five US dollars of the August 2020 highs before rolling over very rapidly as the initial ‘insurance effect’ diminished, despite justified fears of broad-based inflati...

30 March 2022

February 2022 Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

Gold in January made a spot high of US$1,853.87, just within US$10 of the Weekly Cloud top, a key resistance level for gold in recent months, before sliding off over sixty US dollars to a wan-looking ...

18 February 2022

January Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

Gold closed 2021 a little higher, with a two-phase rally distinguished by short covering in the period from mid-December through to early January, with new longs arriving in late December....

19 January 2022

November Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

The pivot to a faster pace of taper allows the Fed to raise rates sooner and expectations have moved relatively quickly with the Fed no longer lagging market expectations as sharply as before....

24 December 2021

October Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

This month, Nick Frappell discuses inflation has been the theme that has energised gold – particularly in the sense of really testing the ‘transitory’ beliefs deployed by the Federal...

26 November 2021

September Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

The US debt ceiling problem has been delayed by around seven weeks and Republicans joined the Democrats to break the Republican filibuster. Hundreds of billions were added to the statutory debt ceilin...

14 October 2021

August Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis

The dominant (market) news for August was the Jackson Hole symposium, where Fed Chair Jerome Powell gave a dovish speech, followed by some weak ADP and NFP data. Given the focus by the Federal Reserve...

10 September 2021

July Technical Report - Precious Metals Analysis for 2021

This has impacted Australia of course, and the other 131 countries that it has spread to bringing with it the appearance or possibility that it will out-run vaccine development and distribution at thi...

10 August 2021

June Technical Report: Mid Year Gold Analysis

Gold dropped from the recent high as markets absorbed the Fed thoughts on tightening, interpreting the notes as evidence of faster rate of tightening and sooner than expected.

Gold fell sha...

29 June 2021

Monthly Precious Metals Technical Analysis - May 2021

Gold’s fortunes change wildly as the market held key support levels in March and April before rebounding to test resistance at US$1871, the top of the Weekly Cloud. Markets reappraised the rapid...

18 May 2021