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Property set to drop by 60%?

20 March 2018

Australian Housing - End of the Boom
The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday released its latest housing statistics, which showed that, nationwide, property prices rose by 1% in the final quarter of 2017.

Despite the increase, it increasingly looks like house prices in Australia have peaked, a theme we cover in our new report “Australian Housing – End of the Boom?”.

This detailed report covers a handful of important topics for Australian investors, including:
  • The risk factors to the Australian housing market today
  • A look at international housing market busts, and why an Australian housing correction might not be as bad as those we’ve seen in other nations
  • The economy wide impact of an Australian housing correction, including the implications for the ASX and superannuation funds
  • Why gold would outperform in an environment where house prices fall
The report also includes a long-term chart looking at the value of Australian housing measured in ounces of gold, and why a house could fall by more than 50% in the coming years.

Click here to access the full report.