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Australian Shareholders go for Gold

19 May 2017

This week, ABC Bullion was asked to present at the Australian Shareholders Association national conference, which was held in Melbourne. Our talk, titled “The Case for Gold”, covered a range of pertinent factors related to the precious metal market, including;
  • A detailed explanation of the drivers of gold demand, looking at bar and coin demand, ETF flows, central bank purchases and the Eastern migration of gold demand.
  • The myths of gold investing, explaining why gold is a highly accessible investment, easy to trade and store, and why it often does well in periods of rising interest rates and can prosper even in a low inflation environment
  • Why Gold is not a Commodity, looking at the Stock to Flow Ratio and the performance differentials for gold and commodities in periods of deflation
  • The benefits of investing in gold, including portfolio diversification
Most importantly, the talk also includes charts and data that explains why we think gold will outperform financial assets in the coming years, which includes a look at macroeconomic risks, extreme monetary policy, valuations in stocks, and relative prices for real assets.
You can access a copy of the presentation here