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Special Report: Australia - The wealthiest country on earth but no longer the lucky country!

Australia: The Wealthiest Country on Earth but No Longer the Lucky Country! is a look at the current state of the Australian economy, as we enter 2015. It looks at the magnitude of the mining boom ...

29 January 2015

Special report 4: Five factors driving gold higher

Whether it’s a golden wedding anniversary we’ve attended, cheering on an Australian to a gold medal performance at the Olympics, or describing a friend or loved one as having a ‘h...

14 August 2014

Special Report 3: After the Crash – The precious metal market today!

It’s nearly 18 months since the gold market witnessed its sharpest falls in three decades, with the price of the yellow metal plummeting from the USD $1600 to USD $1300oz mark in April of 201...

14 August 2014

Special Report 2: Gold versus Platinum (no - not the metal)

Just over a year on from the largest precious metal correction in decades, and in an environment where equity markets appear unstoppable, it might seem futile to explain the benefits of investing i...

13 August 2014

Special Report 1: Negative Rates are killing Australia’s $700bn Term Deposit Market - is Gold the Answer?

On the 8th August 2014, Christopher Joye wrote a typically insightful piece in the AFR, titled “Cash sacrificed on the altar of easy credit”. The article didn’t mince words, naili...

13 August 2014

Physical gold vs. real estate and why I'm not buying the 'booming' Australian housing market

Jordan Eliseo outlines the reasons for scepticism with regard to the Australian housing market, and covers off the ways in which gold could prove a better bet for Aussie investors.


10 October 2013

Market Update: Quarterly Directions Report - 16th April 2014

With the first three months of 2014 complete, this quarterly directions report will take a look at how the year has unfolded so far, with a look at market returns, as well as where gold might head ...

16 April 2014

The Australian Economy - How are we really doing?

Earnings season in Australia has given analysts plenty to mull over, with results in general showing impressive profitability but fairly weak headline growth. Whilst the markets focus has been on c...

06 March 2014

Real Rates and China - The Key Drivers for gold in 2014 and beyond!

Precious metal investors have enjoyed a solid start to 2014, with physical gold and silver prices up 10.6% and 11.8% respectively in USD terms. Australian dollar gold investors have been similarly ...

18 February 2014

Australian Housing Affordability

Australian housing prices rose 10% in 2013, with Sydney at the forefront of the nationwide boom, leading to talk of a property bubble once more. For others though, bubble or not, the bigger is...

14 January 2014