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​A Golden Decade

Is surging private indebtedness creating a society of debt serfs and feudal creditor lords? We explore this question and more in this week’s review of Incrementum’s In Gold We Trust report...

29 May 2020

Make Australia Gold Again!

It’s been 21 years since the RBA made the decision to sell off the vast majority of Australia’s national gold reserves. The sale, which was endorsed by the government of the day, netted th...

24 May 2018

Property set to drop by 60%?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday released its latest housing statistics, which showed that, nationwide, property prices rose by 1% in the final quarter of 2017....

20 March 2018

How Bitcoin and its Crypto-cousins Compare with Gold

BTC and other cryptocurrencies have enjoyed outrageous fortune in 2017, and to some degree that has to arise from a herd mentality among some investors, combined with a finite supply of given cryptocu...

11 January 2018

Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bullion – Outlook for 2018

Despite the pullback in the last few weeks, it’s been another solid year for precious metal investors, with the price of gold in USD increasing by close to 10%. ...

20 December 2017

Bitcoin, Dollars, Gold: What is the Future of Money?

Over the last few weeks, ABC Bullion Chief Economist Jordan Eliseo has been busy preparing a key research report on Bitcoin, Gold and Cryptocurrencies.

This report covers key topics, incl...

20 November 2017

July 2017 Gold and Silver Market Update

Gold has had a powerful recovery through the last three weeks of July as the price held technical support at US$1208 level, dipping below very briefly before a surge...

31 July 2017

Australian Shareholders go for Gold

This week, ABC Bullion was asked to present at the Australian Shareholders Association national conference, which was held in Melbourne. Our talk, titled “The Case for Gold”, covered a ran...

19 May 2017

Market Update: Exter’s Pyramid and the “End of Easy Money”

Last week, ABC Bullion participated in the SMSF Association’s National Conference in Melbourne. To coincide with the Conference, we are proud to release our latest research...

21 February 2017

Platinum Commentary and Technical View

Platinum has had a strong start to 2016, with the market rallying from US$889.50 to a high of US$1,008.50 in early March, a 13.30% increase, before easing back slightly. The price has pretty much a...

27 April 2016

The Australian - Jordan Eliseo's article - When it comes to gold, let’s get physical

The Australian featured an article written by our very own, Jordan Eliseo on Saturday.

Following the recent rate cut from the RBA, the article focuses on the reasons why,  now more than...

16 February 2015