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The ABC of investing in gold

28 April 2021

It feels a little bit like London, circa 2005’, a contact of mine mentioned to me during the week. I immediately understood what she meant.

There’s something in the air right now.

Something about how the miners and markets are interacting.

Something, that reminds both of us of a time when there was a flurry of gold mining juniors coming to market…

…and a time when more investors looked to physical precious metals as a way of diversifying their portfolio.

In the mid-2000s there was a jump in junior miners listing on stock exchanges in London. Only a few short years before the gold price really stretched its legs.

Could we be looking at the same sort of set up again? This and more will be discussed at the free Virtua Gold Conference kicking off tomorrow.

You’ll get the chance to hear first-hand from many of Australia’s gold explorers what they’re up too, as well as international authorities on the gold bullion market.

To boot, ABC Bullion’s director Janie Simpson will show you ‘The ABC of investing in gold’.

The ABC of investing in gold

Click here to register for this FREE event. I hope you can join us.

Until next time,

Shae Russell,
Group Communications Manager, Pallion Group