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What is green gold and why does it matter?

21 September 2021

Tuesday 21 September 2021

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  • The world’s largest green refining capacity
  • Few can achieve this accreditation – we did
Shae Russell

Shae Russell,
Group Communications Manager

Dear Investor,

Any industry is lumbered with buzz words. Precious metals are no different.

One being thrown around now is ‘green gold’. ‘Ethical gold’ is another. As is ‘eco friendly gold’. These labels may track in Google searches, but they don’t really tell you much.

Frankly, this is because the global precious metals sector is still trying to find the most articulate way to explain their environmental and ethical practices.

It’ll likely take a few more years for the precious metals industry to settle on one phrase. Much like ‘ESG’ (environment, sustainability and governance) has become the catch all slogan for any business promoting their eco friendly credentials.

The good news is, broadly speaking precious metal miners and refiners are working to delivering better sustainable outcomes for investors and consumers. The bad news is, it’s hard for the average investor to sift the ‘wheat from the chaff’, if you’ll indulge my lazy musings.

For us mere mortals to understand what this means, it’s important to look at the information these companies offer up to the market…and the internationally recognised accreditations they come with.

ABC Bullion’s parent company, Pallion, is actively taking steps to demonstrate this. Here, we explain the benefits of having a transparent supply chain.

In other words, we can trace exactly where our precious metals come from. We’ve called this process Considerate® Precious Metals.

This begins with the responsible sourcing of primary refining inputs from conflict free areas, right through to the processing of them into material into precious metal investment products and jewellery components.

Total control over the entire supply chain is a rare commodity in this market, and this is something Pallion has.

Our sister company, ABC Refinery, has partnerships with many well-known Australian gold and silver miners. Meaning we can assure any investor buying ABC Bullion stamped or minted products, this gold and silver has been ethically sourced, with companies that are striving to reduce their environmental impact.

But the ESG buck doesn’t stop with miners. Several years ago, ABC Refinery asked what needed to change today to be ready for tomorrow.

To ensure a better future, the refining methods had to change…

The world’s largest green refining capacity

Until recently, little had changed in Australia’s precious metals refining industry. It was stuck using processes that had barely shifted in the past century.  Decades old techniques don’t cut it today. Technology and innovation are critical to ensure that we move with the times.

In addition to its proprietary electrolytic gold refining (EGR) technology, ABC Refinery boasts the world’s largest environmentally friendly Acidless Separation (ALS)™ refining capacity.

ALS is the world’s most environmentally responsible refining technology and requires no acid to refine gold and silver to almost pure standard. This technology allows for the removal of silver and other elements from alloys using vacuum distillation technology.

As a true ‘green’ technology, the ALS process uses no chemicals, minimal amounts of water and emits no production of fumes, smoke or other noxious effluent thereby controlling waste and minimising environmental impact.

Unlike traditional refining technologies, ALS does not use chemicals and produces no exhaust fumes.  It also further improves the efficiency of ABC Refinery’s refining process as compared to traditional competitor methods. 

ABC Refinery Revolutionises the Refining Process with Acidless Separation

Producing the world’s most coveted asset has always been both a time and chemical intensive process. Most refiners have used chlorine gas, the miller process for over a century.

ABC Refinery is proud to be the first and only Australia refinery to use ALS.

Few can achieve this accreditation – we did

Of course, our ESG credentials are just one part of the puzzle.

One of the most important accreditations when it comes to buying bullion, is that it’s internationally recognised.

Out of the thousands of large and small precious metal refineries operating throughout the world, just a handful meet the highest international standards as set out by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The LBMA sets the international standard of gold bars used for institutional trade or to settle futures contracts for example (called Good Delivery).

ABC Refinery the exclusive producer of the ABC Bullion brand has been appointed to the LBMA Good Delivery List for gold

Only 71 gold refineries around the world are accredited by the LBMA and ABC Bullion is a full member.

ABC Bullion is the only independent bullion dealer in Australia to have both LBMA and Good Delivery accreditation.

For many of us, the 400oz gold bars used in international trade are out of reach. But the LBMA accreditation means that any gold bar bought from ABC Bullion — be it small or large — meets the highest international standards few can meet.  

Responsible sourcing is about more than just accreditation. The commitment to responsible supply chains and refining must come from within. ABC Bullion are thrilled to bring investors along on this journey.

Until next time,

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager,
For ABC Bullion