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ABC Bullion

Storing Gold and Silver

16 December 2020

ABC Bullion offers different storage solutions depending on each client’s requirements. Whether it be pool allocated or physical metal, there is a storage option for you. Storing physical bars with us is an extremely safe and easy process. Be comforted by the fact that your bullion is insured for its full replacement value.

There are several storage options available including Secure, Premium and Pool allocated or with our sister company Custodian Vaults.

Pool Allocated: Rather than buying a specific physical bar, investors buy a ‘share’ in a pool of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, managed by ABC Bullion and backed by externally audited metal positions held by ABC Bullion and its related bodies corporate. metal not yet a tangible bar. Therefore, when purchasing this product there are no storage fees. If you choose to leave it in this form you can sell any amount at any time while experiencing no fees. Making it a cost-effective method of storing and owning metals.

However, if you choose to hold the metal in a physical tangible form the below options are best suited to you.

Secure Storage: is offered for all ABC, PAMP, Royal Canadian Mint Coins and gold Perth Mint Coins. It has an annual fee of 0.75% (Gold, Platinum & Palladium) or 1.5% (silver) of the total value of your holdings.

Premium Storage: is available solely for our 1kg ABC gold cast bar. This class of storage is slightly more expensive than our secure storage. The reason for this expense is the personalisation of the process. The annual fee for this class of storage is calculated at 0.95%. This class is unique in the sense that you can retrieve the exact bar you originally placed in storage.

Another storage option available is a safe deposit box at Custodian Vaults. Custodian Vaults is a sister company of ABC Bullion. Due to this relationship, we provide our clients with complementary transfers of metals purchased with us to your vault. We are also happy to meet you at your box if you wish to sell your metal back to us. When storing large amounts of physical metal this is a more cost-effective solution. The prices start at $292 annually and vary depending on the size of your box and amount of insurance required.