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List of Private Mints Worldwide

20 December 2017

Private Mints - Gold Coins and Bars
What is the Difference Between a Private Mint and a Sovereign Mint?

Private mints create bullion which is regulated, and sometimes accredited, but sales of bullion by private mints are unaffiliated with government in any way. As government-backed organisations, sovereign mints, such as the U.S. Mint or Canadian Mint, create coins and bullion that are considered legal tender (meaning they must be accepted if offered as payment).

When Choosing a Private Mint:

  1. Ensure the mint is associated with an London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited refinery. LBMA accreditation means the precious metal content meets rigorous standards of purity. If the private mint’s refinery does not have this accreditation, you just don’t know what you’re really getting.
  2. Look for an established brand. Private mints such as ABC Refinery and PAMP Suisse have decades of reputation behind them making them ideal choices for investors and collectors seeking products from independent mints. Brand may also be an important consideration for some collectors, and bullion from well-known mints may command higher premiums amongst numismatics.
  3. Consider overseas mints. Many private mints are habituated to servicing clients from overseas, so there’s no reason to keep your search within your home country. As an American citizen, it’s also important to know that gold and silver bullion holdings are usually not subject to the same FBAR reporting requirements as other taxable holdings are. So you could buy and store your precious metal holdings in a foreign country. The ABC Bullion Global Vaulting Solution is one such service, which caters to international investors through our partner Custodian Vaults.
  4. Find an independent mint where it’s easy to do business. Bullion prices move fast. Choose a company who can give you outstanding customer service online or by phone 24/7.

List of Private Mints

*Known LBMA accreditation
ABC Bullion and Refinery, NSW, Australia*
Geiger Edelmetalle Mint Leipzig, Germany (*suppliers are LBMA accredited)
PAMP Suisse, Ticino, Switzerland*
United Kingdom
Baird & Co., London, UK*
United States
Atlantis Mint, Maryland, USA
Englehard, New Jersey, USA
Golden State Mint Florida, USA
MK Barz and Bullion, California, USA
Scottsdale Mint, Arizona, USA
Sunshine Mint, Idaho, USA
List of LBMA Accredited Refineries
You can find the full list of LBMA accredited refineries here.
You have many choices when it comes to purchasing from private mints, but accreditation makes all the difference. To buy gold and silver or sell bullion online from our 24/7 platform, head over to our online store.