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How to save in gold

20 October 2021

Tuesday 19 October 2021

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  • Save in gold

  • How to build your precious metals portfolio over time

  • From little things big things grow

Shae Russell

Shae Russell,
Group Communications Manager

Dear Investor,

A few years ago, I sauntered into my former office — a giant latte in hand — ready to start my day.

I’d barely made it across the room when my then colleague ­— let’s call him Jake* — came running up to me, keen to show me to show me his first gold purchase…but instead of reaching for a gold bar or coin, he pulled out his phone and took me to a website.

It turns out, Jake had discovered something called Gold Saver (before me I might add!). He proudly showed me his very first $100 deposit and how many ‘grams’ of gold he now owned, telling me that each fortnight, $100 would be deducted from his account and automatically be converted into gold savings for him…

Save in gold

Was Jake onto something? It turns out, Jake was an early adopter of ABC Bullion’s Gold Saver.

You see, Jake had been working with me for some time. Though he understood the benefits of investing in gold and silver, he wasn’t ready to take the leap and buy a whole ounce. Nor did he want the hassle of having to store small amounts of gold. So that ruled out smaller gram bars for him.

Sure, Jake had heard of pooled gold, but he was worried he’d forget about buying precious metals. Simply put, Jake didn’t want to be at the whim of the gold market and risk buying in just because gold was in the news.

Rather, he wanted to build an exposure to precious metals  slowly by dollar-cost averaging his investment over time. This ‘save in gold’ approach was an alternative to his regular cash savings. Making Gold Saver a happy medium for him.

It’s no secret that interest earned on cash the bank has been dwindling for years. Gold and silver on the other hand — while both are volatile — have been offering favourable returns to investors.

In the last five years gold and silver have risen more than 65% in Australian dollars. Compared to interest rates which have fallen considerably in the same period.

How to build your precious metals portfolio

Gold Saver is simple to set up and ideal for those that want to save in gold or silver but don’t want to be reactive to the precious metals market.

Once you open a Gold Saver account you choose how often you would like to deposit into your account. You can opt to have any amount from $50 - $5,000 debited from your bank account either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Plus you can save in either gold or silver or a mix of both! And if your circumstances change, it’s simple to adjust the frequency and amount. Transaction costs are low too, with it being only 2% for gold or 3% for silver, as well as no storage fees for Gold Saver.

Finally, even though each deposit into your account is in dollars, that dollar amount is converted into the equivalent grams at 5pm each day. Your deposit is then linked to the price of gold or silver allowing your precious metals position to grow gradually.

You can sell your gold and silver back to ABC Bullion at any time, or can you withdraw your precious metals in bar form. If you opt for the latter, you pay a small barring fee and then you can take physical possession.

From little things big things grow

Traditionally we see parents and grandparents use Gold Saver to build a position in precious metals over the long term.

However, Gold Saver is also useful for people who are new to precious metals and are after a ‘set and forget’ option to build a precious metals portfolio. Giving them the ability to save in gold without having to remember to physically buy precious metals.

If you’re new to gold and silver investing,  or you simply want to save for your children’s future, Gold Saver may be a great place to start.

Until next time,

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager,
For ABC Bullion

*Jake was a real person and this really did happen, but I changed his name for privacy reasons.