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ABC Bullion is now a Member of the SBMA

21 February 2018

ABC Bullion now has Foreign Associate Member status with the Singapore Bullion Market Association.
In the words of Managing Director, Janie Simpson, “ABC Bullion continues to cement relationships and with the SBMA membership we will be able to achieve our strategic goal in Asia of exporting Australian gold to new markets. When you work with gold, you learn that gold isn’t just an asset. It’s a core part of the human experience. The cultural relevance of gold for 6,000 years transcends borders and gives all of humanity a common economic heritage. These partnerships facilitate international investment in bullion, and build Australia’s presence for gold on the world stage.”

Solidifying Asia’s Strength in Bullion

The SBMA is a non-profit organisation which works to develop Singapore as a global hub for bullion trading and a gateway to other Asian markets. As a distribution hub for gold entering Asian markets, Singapore’s status as a centre for private wealth management makes it an essential and strategically important node in global gold trading. SBMA partnership fosters collaboration within the industry and opens new doors for Australian gold products.

Press Contacts
Janie Simpson
Managing Director
+61 2 9231 4511