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Gold Saver Partners

Aurum Planning

Aurum Planning is an independent Financial Advisory focused on helping investors build robust Investment and Superannuation Portfolios.

As the name Aurum Planning suggests, Aurum includes precious metal investing as an important component of an all weather investment portfolio.

Aurum assists individuals, trustees and investment committees to assess how to allocate precious metals to their investment portfolios.


At ABC Bullion, we take client security and privacy incredibly seriously. As such, we have partnered with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank), Australia’s largest bank, in order to support the ABC Bullion Gold Saver. By using CommBank's BPOINT payment portal, we have done more than just create a seamless process that allows you to build your gold and silver holdings through regular instalments; we have also taken every possible step to ensure your bank account details are securely stored and encrypted. This provides you with further peace of mind regarding the security of your financial information. At any stage you can log in to your account and enter the CommBank BPOINT portal to amend your savings and/or your allocation to gold and silver.


All physical gold and silver purchased in your ABC Bullion Gold Saver is sourced in Australia from ABC Refinery, located in Sydney. ABC Refinery has been involved in the refining and processing of precious metals in Australia since 1978 and is the exclusive producer of the ABC Bullion product, one of the cornerstones of the Australian physical gold trading system. ABC Refinery is the only independent LBMA accredited gold refinery in Australia.

Testament to its accuracy and quality, ABC Refinery is also the only Australian refinery laboratory to have been awarded NATA, ISO, IEC, AS and ILAC accreditation for the laboratory analysis of gold, silver and their alloys.


A sister company of ABC Bullion, Custodian Vaults is a purpose-built bullion vault, located in Sydney, Australia. As an ABC Bullion Gold Saver account holder, you have the peace of mind knowing your bullion is backed by externally audited metal positions held ABC Bullion and its related bodies corporate.