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Barring Charges

Barring charges cover the costs of fabricating our ABC Bullion pool allocated metal holdings into a specific bar, coin or tablet, which a client wishes to take possession of.

The barring charges are a very simple calculation. Please see below examples.

Example 1

Assume you have 1 troy ounce of gold bullion in ABC Bullion pool allocated gold holdings, worth AUD $1,500. Assume that at the same time, ABC Bullion is selling a physical 1 troy ounce gold cast bar for AUD $1,530.

In this case, the differential between your holdings, and the physical cast bar itself, is AUD $30.

If you wanted to convert your 1 troy ounce of ABC Bullion pool allocated gold into a 1 ounce ABC Bullion gold cast bar, then the fee you would pay would simply be AUD $30, plus GST.

Example 2

Assume you own 10 kilos of pool allocated silver, valued at $700 per kilo, which you wish to have barred into 10 kilos of actual silver, which are trading at $720 per kilo. The cost will be calculated as:

Value of pool allocated silver $7,000 10 x $700 per kilo of pool allocated silver
Value of 10 x 1 kilo bars $7,200  
Total barring fee $200  
GST $20  
Total cost to you $220  

This is the formula that ABC Bullion use to calculate the barring charge for all of the products that you can convert your pool allocated precious metal holdings into, including the ABC Bullion cast bar range of gold and silver products, as well our signature Eureka minted range of coins and tablets.